Feathered Aspen

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Fall Day

Climbing trees.  
Found the best spot along the river for collecting rocks and throwing them into the river.

Lu and Daddy.

Selfie. I haven’t shown you my bleach streak or my nose ring… Pretty edgy over here!

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Sweet Dreams

For a while, we did all white bed linens, but not even all white loads and bleach could keep those suckers looking “spa fresh.” So here’s an homage to the thrift store aesthetic, and though it probably won’t start any trends, I’m in love with the denim cover I bleached myself to look like clouds and the pale stripes that look like rainbows.

On another note, I have a victory to share with you! You know those people who are always on Facebook? Well, that’s not me, but I had a similar relationship with Instagram, and I’m proud to say I’ve finally found a way out of that compulsive habit! I’ve done long hiatuses before, but I’ve always come back and then a few weeks later found myself yet again in the grips of a habit that left me feeling guilty for spending time on screen when I could and should be doing better things with my time. 

So I deleted the app from my phone. I didn’t “quit” though: I allow myself to download the app to share something, but then I delete it again. If I want to “catch up” I go on the computer, and for whatever reason that means I only spend 10 minutes scrolling through my feed once or twice a week, rather than taking the iPhone with me to the toilet or every time I nurse. 

To a certain degree, this feels like cheating, like I should have conquered this habit with a more moderate approach where I test my will multiple times a day and then come out the other side stronger. But that wasn’t happening, and I’ve found something that works. #mindfullnessforpragmatists 


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