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Nagthali All View Point Guest House


While Joshua and I were trekking in the Langtang region of Nepal, we took a detour through the Tamang Heritage Trek. Among the many villages on this cultural trek, we stayed in Bridim, Nagthali, and Tatopani. While we had wonderful experiences at all three of these villages, our stay at Nagthali was by far the most memorable.

Unlike most of the villages along the Tamang Heritage Trek, Nagthali is not a permanent community. Although this is usually a signal of poorer accommodations, Nagthali All View Point Guest House not only defied our expectations, it also proved to be one of the very best guest houses in all of Langtang, Gosaikund, Helambu, and Annapurna.

Gyurme and Nima have asked me to post their information on my blog, and I’ve attached a number of photos to illustrate their lovely, cozy guest house. However, beyond looks and feel, the thing that made our stay with Gyurme and Nima so memorable was their company. Nima is a phenomenal cook and served us the best dal bhaat in Nepal, and Gyurme was incredibly friendly and accommodating. If you find yourself on the Tamang Heritage Trek in Nepal, both Joshua and I highly recommend that you stay with this lovely couple in this gorgeous place.

The dining room has plenty of windows and beautiful views of the Langtang mountain range. With a wood burning stove, this spot is perfect to relax in the warmth after a long day trekking.

Gyurme and Nima are the owners and hosts of the Nagthali All View Point Guest House. They are absolutely wonderful, and we couldn’t have asked for better company (or food!).

This is the view from the dining room of Nagthali All View Point Guest House.

This is where the magic happens. Nima cooked us the best dal bhaat in Nepal on this very stove. (It’s also where we warmed our toes!)

Here’s the sign and the phone number. Call 016915184 to make reservations, or just stop by.

Painted white with yellow trim, Nagthali All View Point Guest House is as cute as a button. And look at the view!

Tell Gyurme and Nima we sent you πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Nagthali All View Point Guest House

  1. I love the fact that A) you promised to do this, B) when you hadn't done this promptly, you received a gentle reminder, and C) that you did this. I love the photographs, and that view . . . my god, to see that view everyday. What must that be like?And so, farming girl, what is life like near the Cheese Curd Capital of the entire United States? How is your health?I love the inclusion of photographs in the blog – it brings so much texture to the posting.

  2. And will there be pics and stories from the farm? Like Dad, I like the combination. I shall miss knowing that this blog is out there waiting to be read; it's been a wonderful journey.

  3. I would also be all for reading a few blog entries about your new home – perhaps a tour around the farmhouse and property?? πŸ™‚ Hope you're feeling better!

  4. PS – Hope to see you Friday night! It's a carbo-load πŸ™‚ – Log onto facebook to see what everyone's bringing

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