Feathered Aspen



I sewed a skirt for the side-board. Underneath is pretty empty, but for now, this is our printer’s home and extra storage space for when we need it. Love the green lamp and glass decanters 🙂

Our new craft and games closet. Joshua installed wire shelves on tracks to give us a little more storage space.

Lily’s bassinet.

An assortment of knick-knacks and loved things up above.

Somewhat unconventional curtain for the front door, but I love it. Had originally made the tie for a head band, but this way, I get to see it every day 🙂 Still some green tape because I intend to paint the door “Orange Peel.” Found an “H” for Lily.

Blue bookshelves to store shoes. Picasso’s Old Man Playing Guitar to greet guests.

Found an odd series of wall art from the Arc Thrift Store and fell in love: squirrels and other cartoon animals. Finally found a space for my vintage tray.

Those are my curtains in the back. 18 panels in 3 hours. The futon is a find from craigslist. Happy cat in the sunshine.

Joshua painted the back-boards “Pastel Jade” at my request. I love the beachy-blue ceiling 🙂

With only one week to go until our due date, we’re a bit restricted for our Spring Break. To make the most of our time off, we’ve decided to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into a couple of projects.
As for Joshua, the “Guest House” is his project du jour. A bare-bones shed with a simple, cracked cement floor and wooden walls, this place will need a bit of love and care before it’s ready for guests. Fortunately, the roofers not only roofed our house, but also the shed. The plan is to build a sub-floor, lay the old pergo from the house down, install a couple of windows and the door we purchased from the Habitat for Humanity Restore, insulate, and dry-wall. It should be a pleasant little cottage when he’s done.
Needless to say, my projects are a little less epic. Today, I tackled the closets in the dining room and hall, as well as the bookcase and the last of the sunroom. It may not have involved demolition or scrubbing black-mold, but it had a satisfyingly big impact. Here are some photos of the spaces before and after.
As I was placing the finishing touches on the sunroom, a family walked by, and the grandmother stopped to look at our house. She said, “now, isn’t that just the sweetest house? Look at those sweet curtains. This is what houses used to look like. Don’t you just love it?”
I have to admit. It feels pretty wonderful to own a home that other people think is cute.

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Aww what a nice lady! She's right though, your home does look really beautiful. The pastel jade color is stunning. xo

  2. It looks lovely. It's fun to see the spaces and note, "hey, I recognize that." The sun room in the front is gorgeous!!! I can't believe how you have transformed that space. Over Thanksgiving, it was filled with dust and wood bits:) I am intrigued by Joshua's plans for the cottage in the back, and I can't wait to see what it looks like when he's done. Be sure to write and post pics about it.

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