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A Cozy Home


Above, a view of our green-green bathroom. Below, the photos I’ve been promising for ages: our new home.

Our “Japanese Garden” green master bathroom. Small but completely unexpected and totally functional 🙂
View of my dresser-top collection. Yes, I own a lot of jewelry. Yes, I am a girl.
Another view of the bedroom. Napping cat and wagon up above the headboard. To the left, our beautiful craigslist art nouveau armoire. On the right, my enormous mound of pillows for the pregnant belly 🙂
The light’s not very good in this picture, but here’s our bedroom. Found the four-post bed on craigslist for a steal. Mission-style lamp was a gift from our wedding. Night stands and dressers from Joshua’s grandparents. Walls are “Lions Mane” with stenciled peonies. Some loved art on the walls.
Love my bubble-gum pink bathroom. Claw-foot tub, sink, and unseen built-in mirror are originals. One of my repurposed windows on the wall, and a fun find from Goodwill gracing the tub.
Another view of our dining room. There are the French doors (Joshua’s tour de force :0). Some favorite art work on the walls (including Christina’s World and some fabric prints from Kathmandu). Still love the light fixture – another Habitat for Humanity Restore find.
Here’s the view from our couch. To the left, our dining room in all of its French-doored glory, and to the right, a glimpse of our bubble-gum pink bathroom. A couple of favorites here: a shadow box with blue china plates and a bakelite vintage clock above.
In the corner: an impossibly ancient side-table that I found, water-warped and wonky at the thrift store and then painted the same “Celery Bunch” green that we painted the kitchen cabinets, my very, very lovely rose and bee lamp with a vintage Habitat for Humanity Restore lampshade, a Louis IV mirror from New Orleans and one of my encaustics up above, and an assortment of odd and loved things at the base of the lamp (including a vertebrae, St. Theresa, and another blue encaustic).
Another view of the breakfast bar.
I love this corner of our living room. At first, when we purchased the furniture on the cheap from American Furniture Warehouse, I was completely over-under whelmed by the amount of beige. The rug was no help at all, but it was 45 dollars, so the price tage won out. Fast forward through a bit of paint, a bit of sewing, and some of my favorite thrift-store finds, and the beige is less noticeable. A few favorites: I sewed a lime-green ottoman skirt and tangerine curtains and blankets from our travels (on the left, from Cuzco and on the right, from Kathmandu).
This is the site of the adhesive kitchen counter top (which I wrote about here). Up above, shelves with heavy-duty fasteners hold thift-store purchased jars and containers full of baking goods, grains, and beans, as well as cookbooks and on the highest shelf, our “pretty things” (including Joshua’s kombucha baby). To the right, a collection of red-framed items, and up above the refrigerator, a storage space for large kitchen appliances hidden by one of my curtains.
I spend a lot of time here 🙂 A couple favored features: a tea kettle for brewing Raspberry Leaf Tea (come on, baby), an oven for baking spring-fresh asparagus, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, a thrift store Colorado landscape (with the perfect colors), and an Echter’s spider plant.
I don’t think I can pick a favorite room in our house (ok, I’m lying. The sunroom.), but this space wins for function. The countertops are a glittery, eco-friendly silestone, the dishwasher is a valued family member, the yellow enamel sink is the original, and I refuse to part with it. The breakfast bar above is Joshua’s brilliant idea and so is the fact that you can see into the next room – there used to be a wall there. Love the apothecary pulls and the “Celery Bunch” cabinets. The cabinets below are the unpainted ones from the Depot, and the ones above are the sanded and painted originals.
Another view of our would-be wall. As you can see, our last project for the upstairs is a tile backsplash. Love how the knives match the curtains 🙂
View of the kitchen from the living room. Found the barstools for the breakfast bar on craigslist. They are lovely carved oak and they swivel. To the right, my Finland window (from a repurposed window), and up above, a few more shelves for a philodendron and the music box.

Author: Ellie

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4 thoughts on “A Cozy Home

  1. What a good tour. We miss hanging out in this house! But we are already trying to figure out when we can come visit… hopefully sooner than later!

  2. Crikey what a gorgeous house! I am so inspired by your decorative taste (it started back when you first mentioned stencils), and find it a bit disappointing that we're living in a rented home that we can't destroy and rebuild to please our aesthetic senses:)We saw a pickup last weekend that was the avocado color of your bathroom, it was stunning. If I ever wanted a truck (and I don't, really), it would be that one.

  3. Wow. That looks very different from Thanksgiving.And now, there's one more person living there:)

  4. Love your home. well done! Looks so comfortable.. I appreciate the colors and artistic touches.

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