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Sacrarium, Solarium, Terrarium


I’ve developed an obsession with terrariums. They have the voyeur-charm of x-rays and ultrasounds, the beauty of glass, green, and soil, and the fantasy of a miniature earth. I looked up the definition of terrarium, and the webster website provided a list of similarly enchanting terms:
aquarium – a water-world
puparium – the outer shell of a fly
sacrarium – a sanctuary
samarium – a silvery-white, lustrous, and metallic element of the rare-earth group
solarium – a glass-enclosed porch
velarium – an awning over an amphitheater
Anyway, my fascination began when a miniature terrarium necklace was featured on etsy.com, and now I’m seeing them everywhere. I was particularly in love with a set of hanging terrariums made from repurposed light bulbs at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.
Yesterday, Stacy and I went on an adventure to Boulder, which involved climbing Green Mountain near Chattaqua, a huge salad from Whole Foods, and of course, a small trip to Goodwill. (I’ve mentioned this particular addiction in previous posts here and here.)
While the clothing racks don’t hold the same allure that they usually do (read: pregnant belly), I did find a gold mine of glassware – perfect for my repurposed sacrarium, solarium, terrarium. This morning, I looked up a little DIY instructional, and when I headed to the Depot to pick up shims, a mortice, and razor blades (those would be for Joshua), I also picked up pebbles, sand, spanish moss, potting soil, and succulents.
The following (and previous) photos are the products of my earthy exploits.

This is some of the glassware last night, before the dirt and pebbles.

Author: Ellie

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3 thoughts on “Sacrarium, Solarium, Terrarium

  1. Hey, I recognize that wood thingy:)Are you familiar with Joseph Cornell's boxes? I think that terrariums are very similar. I love them, too.It's good to read that you are able to relax and have some fun over your break.Thinking of you often . . . .

  2. I HAVE seen Mr. Cornell's boxes. I love shadow box art 🙂

  3. I love terrariums. I might like that lamp base even more:)

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