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Happy Times Happy Days


Lily has been in some really good moods lately.  Ellie and I have started calling them happy times.  Whenever Hen wakes up she is full of smiles and joy.  We like to lay her up against our knees as we lay on our backs.  She giggles and smiles.  She often locks her eyes on one of our faces and slowly starts to lean forward trying to get closer, trying to zoom in for a kiss.  During happy times we’ll also hold her under the armpits and she lifts herself into a standing position.  She can support her own weight now for a couple of seconds if we balance her.  While she’s standing she tries to lean forward for kisses too.  Every time we do this I feel I love her even more.  Her smile melts me.  My other favorite thing to do during happy times is to bodily laugh as Hen sits on my stomach.  She bounces up and down.  At first she looks at me like “WTF?!”  But then, she starts smiling her gummy smile and sticks out her tongue.  I love it.

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Happy times are truly here.  Summer has started. As a teacher, I have a very skewed notion of summer.  For me it starts when school lets out.  It ends when I have to go back to work.  This means summer starts in the beginning of June and ends in mid-July.  The actual dates, lunar calendar, and weather patterns are irrelevant.  But here we are now.  Its getting warm.  The days are long. There’s green in the garden.  Hen is smiling.  Eight weeks of relaxing and having happy family times to come.

Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

3 thoughts on “Happy Times Happy Days

  1. O my goodness she is getting so big! And those big eyes… beautiful!

  2. love the faces she’s making now – can’t wait till next Saturday!

  3. Oh man, super cute happy times. I love that she leans in for kisses:) I will now emit a really long “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

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