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Lily Goes Camping


We finally mustered the bravery to go camping with Lily.  At three months, she and I have nursing down, and she sleeps well at night (if not through).

The P’s joined us for the trip, and we headed out to Green Mountain Reservoir near Silverthorne.  Joshua impressively packed seven souls and our all of our things into the little Hyundai, and we made the two hour trip out.  Lily did very well, except for the last 10 minutes.  K later noted that she has a very well developed set of lungs and vocal chords.  What a diplomat 🙂

Once we arrived, we set up the P’s tent to change into our swimsuits and covered ourselves with sunscreen.  Down by the water, Joshua and K finagled a shelter from the sun’s rays for Lily, and we all took turns in the water.  Just as I was getting out of the reservoir, the sky unleashed a serious downpour, and the P’s tent began to blow away.  I huddled in the car with Lily, while everyone else braved the gale-force winds to try and rescue the tent.  In swimsuits, K, Stacy, and Joshua wrestled with the enormous 7 person tent which had now become an enormous 7 person kite.  After a few minutes of being buffeted by tiny pieces of shale and debris, Stacy called it quits and huddled in the car with Lily and me.  Just as we had corralled the dogs in the car as well, one of the tent poles broke in three different places, spearing through the tent and rain fly, and collapsing the entire affair.  K and Joshua, still practically naked, proceeded to quickly shuttle all of our now damp things from the tent into the car.  When they were finally done, the wreckage of their tent lay in a puddle next to our car, and the seven us were inside, completely swamped with our stuff.

Finally, the rain let up.  After some debate, we decided to stay.  We pitched our four person tent just in time for it to start raining again.

Once inside the tent, we bundled up Lily, and the seven of us hunkered down for a few games of Boggle.  It eventually stopped raining, and we left Lily with Stacy while the rest of us went on a beautiful run into the surrounding hills ( I ran 5 miles!  The furthest yet!  AND I felt great 🙂 ).

That night, we had burritos in the dark and retired to the tent, somewhat apprehensive.  None of us had wagered on sharing a tent with seven – and one of them a three month old – but Lily was a rockstar.  Despite having stayed awake for approximately 13 hours that day, she slept well.  She woke up a few times in the night to feed, but she didn’t cry once, and the next morning, everyone reported a good night’s rest.

In the sunshine, we ate a breakfast of pancakes and enjoyed the view.  Stacy and I went for a swim in the cold water, and afterwards, we all piled in the car to go for hike on the opposite side of the reservoir.

The hike was a bit abbreviated at only 2 and a half miles, but it did not lack gain in elevation.  It took us an hour to climb a mile, at which point Lily announced that she was hot and hungry and had been stung by a fly.  K confessed that his foot hurt, so I felt relieved when we all decided to throw in the towel.  I love hiking, but I do not love hiking while Lily is screaming.  In New Orlean’s speak, it makes my nerves bad.

We arrived back at the campsite just in time for a deluge.  Once again, we piled into the tent.  And we stayed there for the rest of the afternoon and night.  That’s right.  We’re in a serious drought, Colorado is up in flames, and the first weekend we decide to go camping it pours for two days.

Anyway, it was still nice.  We played games, people read (I read ABC Zoo with Lily), and when it got late, Joshua and K braved the damp and chill to make us all dinner over the camp stove.  Lily had another great night, and this morning, we woke up to blue skies.

Once we had all packed up, we stopped in Silverthorne for a breakfast of Eggs Florentine and Huevos Rancheros, and we drove the whole way home without Lily crying once.  All in all, a lucky trip:  rain for Colorado and a relatively pain free introduction to camping with a three-month old.

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Author: Ellie

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3 thoughts on “Lily Goes Camping

  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! Lily’s a trooper. Sorry about the tent!

  2. Brave souls indeed. Always remember that one baby for four adults is exactly the right ratio! Just kidding but it certainly helps. Wonderful that you’ve brought Lily into such an important part of your lives. She’ll be a hiking, camping, running, biking toddler before you know it! Happy trails.

  3. I love Lily’s outfit, and the toque is adorable. Five miles!!! Not bad at all:) I am so impressed that you guys stuck it out. After the kited tent and broken poles, my impulse would have been to bag it.

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