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Adieu to Break


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For our last few days as free agents, Joshua, Lily, and I escaped up to the mountains near Leadville.  The air was cooler, and we were able to spend time with one another without distraction.  We stayed at the Mayqueen Campground on Turquoise Lake for three nights.

We left on Sunday, stopping once to feed Lily.  On the second half of the trip, I sat in the backseat with her and sang songs while she held my finger with a vice grip and concentrated hard on my face.  At the campsite, I donned a new baby carrier that I picked up on craigslist for 20 bucks.  We still love the Ergo, but we discovered that there are a few drawbacks to the carrier as Lily gets bigger.  Lily loves facing outwards, and the Ergo is pretty broad at the bottom, so it’s pretty uncomfortable for her hips to sit facing out.  In general, the Ergo doesn’t seemed to be designed to allow the baby’s limbs to stretch out, and often times, Lily ends up all curled up.  This works great when it’s cooler outside and when she was tiny – it’s definitely cozier – but I wanted something that would allow her to see out and stretch out.  I absolutely love the Bjorn, and I feel like she gets even more support than the Ergo.  On the other hand, Joshua thinks it’s hellishly uncomfortable.  Oh well.  For 20 bucks, I’m pleased 🙂

While I walked around with Lily, Joshua set up camp.  When he was done, he said, “Hey Babe, I’m off for my run.  I’ll be back in 6 or 7 hours.”

If you’ll recall Joshua’s earlier post, his first run of any notable distance was with me on our second date.  Now, he’s definitely beating me at my own game.  I love that he loves running, and I love that it makes him feel great, but as I stayed back with Lily, there’s a part of me that thinks, hey!  I was the runner!

So while Joshua ran 23 miles on the trails where he’ll be pacing K in the Leadville 100 in a month’s time, Lily and I went for a 4 or 5 mile walk along Turquoise Lake.  When we got back, we hung out at the camp to wait for Joshua.

Of course, Joshua was back a couple of hours earlier than he had expected.  He felt great, and after 2,000 ft of elevation gain, he had averaged 11 minute miles.  Also, his Merrell Trail gloves now have a silver dollar sized hole in them, and so do all of the socks he wears when he’s running in them, so he basically ran it barefoot.

We had cornbread and chili for dinner, and Joshua shivered as he held Lily.  Skinny boy.

That night, Lily was great, and the next morning, we had breakfast and went for a little walk along the water.  Heading into Leadville, we walked around the Victorian homes surrounding mainstreet, and then we treated ourselves to coffee and a couple of sandwiches at a cafe.

Back at camp, Joshua went for a 9 mile run (two long runs in a row are part of his ultra training schedule) while I read, napped, and nursed Lily, and afterwards, I went for a 5 mile run.

For dinner, we ate Falafel, and as it got dark, we went for another walk along the lake.  Including walks, Joshua covered 36 miles in a little over 24 hours.  Stud?  I think so.

The next morning, we ate our breakfast near the creek feeding into Turquoise Lake, and then we headed out on Timberline Trail.  Lily was cute as a button in her sun hat (sidenote:  why are baby hats impossible to find?  We had to safety pin this one to make it fit.), and she stayed awake for much of the hike, enjoying the trees and Timberline lake.

It was so nice to take a long walk in the mountains with my two favorite people 🙂  Joshua and I talked a blue streak like always, and Lily seemed content taking in the world.  9 miles later, we returned to camp happy and tired (and out of diapers, so Joshua had to make an emergency trip to Leadville).  We relaxed for the rest of the evening, and I finished another book by Ann Patchet.  I loved State of Wonder so much, I was trying to recreate the experience, but alas, The Magician’s Assistant isn’t nearly as good.

The next morning, Joshua packed up while I went on a run with Oscar.  When we got back, we all bundled into the car and then drove to Leadville for breakfast at the Tennessee Pass Cafe, where everyone gaped and cooed at our beautiful baby 🙂  Lily slept all the way through our drive home, and Joshua and I agreed that our little camping trip was the perfect way to finish out our summer break.

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3 thoughts on “Adieu to Break

  1. A) Joshua is a stud in lots and lots of ways. As my mother would have said, he’s a keeper.
    B) I love that you guys love the mountains. I get it. There’s something that opens up one’s whole being when in the mountains.
    C) Reading about your vacation reminds me of Eamon’s response to our vacations: All we do is exercise:) Our response: get over it:)
    Good luck with the start of school and the start of spending a chunk of your week days apart from one another. It will be challenging at first, no doubt. You guys are great.

  2. what a wonderful way to close this amazing time together! I’m sidelined with runner’s knee so instead of my own 22 this morning I talked to my family in England and went to Target. Nowhere near as much fun. Hopefully, the rest will help and I’ll be back in my running shoes within the week. And I agree about The Magicians Assistant…quite a disappointment. We’re reading The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman for bookgroup this month. I absolutely and utterly loved it. I love the 3 of you too; I’ll keep you in my thoughts as you start on the next leg of this amazing journey.

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