Feathered Aspen

16 weeks


Can it be?  Lily is 16 weeks old.  A few notes:

  • Lily has spent 5 nights in a tent!
  • Lily’s longest hike has been 9 miles (we stopped to nurse twice).
  • Lily spends most of her hot summer days just in a diaper.  When she does wear clothing, we realize that she’s grown like a bean.  Her newborn and 0 – 3 month clothes are too small already!
  • Lily smiles the most in the morning.
  • Lily loves napping in her swing.
  • Lily LOVES reading ABC Zoo.  She says the peek-a-boo details are a metaphor for loss in biodiversity, and the variety of species are a commentary on the globalization of our ecosystems.  What a budding naturalist.
  • Lily isn’t laughing all the time yet, but she has let out a few giggles and squeals.  It is the single most wonderful sound I have ever heard.
  • Lily is teething.  Although she hasn’t been particularly upset, she does drool and chew on her hand quite a bit.
  • Not that interested in her nookie, but it does help when she’s upset in her carseat.
  • Not the biggest fan of car rides.
  • Loves singing and dancing.
  • Loves being outside.
  • Has had the juice of a peach, cherries, and watermelon.  She LOVED all of it, but we’ve decided to hold off on juices and foods until she’s a little older.  We don’t want her going off breast milk 🙂
  • Loves baths, but has a perpetual dirt necklace.
  • Loves swimming.
  • Hair is definitely not the platinum blonde that we might have expected.  In fact, we detect a little strawberry 🙂
  • Sticking EVERYTHING in her mouth already.
  • Wide-eyed and alert.
  • I’m pretty sure she nurses most of the night.  I wake up, she’s nursing.  I fall asleep, she’s nursing.  Joshua looks over, she’s nursing.
  • We put away the TV a few weeks ago, but we’ve taken it out for the duration of the Olympics.  Although Lily has hardly had any exposure to the screen it entrances her.

On another note, I have returned to work.  I feel blessed to have been able to spend 16 uninterrupted weeks with our baby girl, and the time has allowed to bond, figure out nursing, and enjoy one another in a way that just wouldn’t have been possible if I had had to return to work after 6 weeks.  It’s been hard to come to terms with this new adjustment, and I’m sure it will continue to be difficult, but there are a few things that make this transition bearable:

1.  I was blessed to have nearly four months with Lily.

2.  Lily will start child care on September 5, but until then, she’s getting quality time with her Nana and then her Grandma.

3.  I like my job.  I think it’s worthwhile work.

4.  I only work four days a week!

5.  Whenever I feel insecure, Joshua reassures me that Lily loves me and she knows that I love her.

6.  I get to sleep next to Lily every night.

Our first day away was ok, and I had way too much fun selecting an outfit.  Pumping was a bit of a hassle, but I think I’ve decided on a schedule of three times for 10 minutes each.  Since I’m usually gone for just shy of 10 hours, that gives me just a little over 3 hours between pumpings.  I got 9 oz, which wasn’t a lot, but I can also pump in the morning and evening and get an extra 3 oz.  On my three day weekends, I’ll keep pumping.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to piece together 14 oz. a day for Lily.  I SO wish I was one of those women who could pump 10 oz. in one go.  To make the transition for Lily a bit easier, I researched the slowest flow bottle out there (so she doesn’t start to hate nursing) and found that most people think the Playtex drop-ins slow flow are the slowest.  Hopefully, it works!  Nursing was so rocky at first, but now that we have the hang of it, I would hate for us to meet an insurmountable obstacle.  At the moment, mothering and nursing feel almost interchangeable, so the possibility of loosing one feels pretty scary to me.  My goal is to continue for at least a year, so send positive vibes my way 🙂

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3 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Looking forward to my turn! Great that you’re only working four days.

  2. It’s good to read and see Lily growing up (and Joshua and you growing up as her parents, too). What an amazing journey. We love you guys (and we miss you, too)!!!

  3. Sending positive vibes your way with working and pumping! I’m amazed by any mom that can do it… or even attempt to do it! Hope work is off to a good start! Remember how this time last year you thought you were on your death bed with how exhausted you were?! ha. Aren’t you glad I’m here to remind you of that? But amazing how life changes in just 1 short year. Miss you!

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