Feathered Aspen

21 weeks


Say What?

With only 10 minutes to spare, this will be brief.  The fact that I’m even attempting to write a post write now is a little daunting.  How can I sum up the past two weeks in 10 minutes.  Well, I can’t and I won’t, but here’s an incomplete snapshot:

1.  Two weekends ago, we drove up to Leadville with our new camper.  Yup.  A camper.  And a new car.  I feel completely decadent and middle-class.  Anyway, we have a camper and it is far too large for the three of us, and we love it.  We’ve already used it twice, and this weekend we’re off to use it again.

But I digress.  In Leadville, K ran 100 miles, and Joshua paced the last 25 or so with him.  Again, I am able to give pitifully little detail.  It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen the human body do.  K is BEAST.

2.  Last weekend, we drove up a little past Jefferson and camped for two nights.  We hiked 11 miles (!) up to Georgia Pass on the Colorado Trail, and the views were amazing.

3.  Lily is wonderful.  I miss her while I’m at work.  Once I’m home, it’s hard to leave to go for a run.  I want to hold her chub-love-self all the time.

4.  I would also like to grow a third arm so that I could hold her chub-love-self AND do some crafting.  That would be grand.

5.  Work is fine.  Sometimes it’s really good, and sometimes it’s ok.  Pumping is going well.

6.  Grandma Eunice has been here for two weeks, and she’s been spoiling us senseless with fabulous food and just generally taking amazing care of the three of us.  We couldn’t be more grateful.

7.  Lily starts daycare on Tuesday.  We went to visit last Friday, and I’m so glad we did.  I have so many misgivings about the whole thing, but as soon as I walk in there, I feel good.  Lily feels good.  It’s a wonderful place, and I don’t feel like I’m just leaving her somewhere – I’m bringing her somewhere (if that makes sense).  For the first time, I saw her interact with another infant about her age, and it was pretty awesome.

8. Garden’s gone mad.

9.  Been running after Lily falls asleep.

10 Don’t have enough TIME.

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

3 thoughts on “21 weeks

  1. im just going to leave that deplorable typo in there. i feelit shows my digressin into singlehanded multitasking well…

  2. Lovely stuff, El! Thanks.

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