Feathered Aspen

A Recipe


2 cups Intense
2 cups Love
1 cup Creative
2/3 cup Grit
1/2 cup Sensitive
1/4 cup Smart
1/4 cup Sure
2 tbspn Wistful
2 tbsp Acerbic
1 tbsp Melancholia
Pinch of Salt

I began writing with a metaphor, and then I decided to write a whole recipe.  Namely, I began writing by suggesting that I was born with tablespoon of melancholia, and then I thought, hmmm… what an interesting idea…

Since personality tests never quite seem to reveal the secrets I hope to unveil, I tend to rely on other telling pieces of information.  If everyone I know could please write their recipe and send it to my inbox, please, I would be very happy.  That and:

  • The song you feel somewhere beneath your Solar Plexus.  
  • The color that always draws your eye.
  • The job that doesn’t make any money, but that you know you would love.
  • The author whose anthem became your own.
  • The part of growing up that you didn’t expect.
  • Your secret weapon.
  • Your granparents’ names.

Anyway, melancholia.  Recently, I’ve felt a bit melancholy for this:


And this:


And a bottle of this:




And this, of course:


Wearing this:


And Bon Iver.

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

4 thoughts on “A Recipe

  1. I hate to say it dear, but I think your recipe is a little off. You have more like a 4 cups of acerbic. Also, you definitely have a cup or two of honesty and empathy too.

  2. Opps. I meant to say 1/4 cup of acerbic. You’re not that snarky…

  3. I am thinking about my recipe. I’ll start with 4 cups indecisive, 2 cups pondering…this might take a while. (What do you mean by your inbox? Is this an inbox?) I’ve been thinking about flannel shirts and a wood stove too. That cabin looks awefully inviting!

  4. Hey Ellie,

    Your cabin reminds me of a cabin my friend has near Menomonie WI, very remote with a wood stove. Would you like to go there when you are here with me? It might require some changes in your itinerary. It’s about a 60-90 minute drive from my place.I could ask. Wistful for you, Mom


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