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Late Fall Days


We had a pleasant week here in Edgewater.  This last weekend we spent time with friends and spent lots of time walking.

Friday night we had friends K, Renee, and Luke over for a classic Ellie soup.  Renee is a friend from my school.  Luke was a ’08 TFA corps member in New Orleans.  He worked with Stacy in St. Bernard parish.  Unlike us, he stayed in New Orleans for two more years.  Passionate about urban education, he’s recently moved back to his home in Denver and has taken up a position as a long term sub at Ellie’s school.  It was good to reconnect and have him for dinner.  Renee as always was a delight to have over.  And, she brought a wonderful brussel sprouts salad.  Mmmmmm

Saturday we spent most of the day dealing with our car.  The starter had died midweek last week and had been stranded for several days outside Ellie’s school.  With my dad on the phone I examined the car and determined there was no possible way for me to do it myself.  The exhaust pipe blocks access and without the proper tools and garage I didn’t stand a chance.  In the end we paid for it to be towed to Midas and had to have a starter installed there.

Before the shenanigans with the car, we ran up to our favorite haunt, Rise and Shine, grabbed some biscuits and had a brunch picnic in the park.  Its been wonderful to run with Ellie and Lily.  Lilye is now a rockstar in the Chariot.

Later that night we had dinner with our friends Erin and Gagnez and their 2 month old son.  Its incredible how much he is growing.  He’s adorable and wise.  He and Lily played for a while.  And, by played I mean they looked at each other, laid next to one another and cooed together.  Lily also kept trying to cough in his face and rip his nose off.  It was really special to see them interacting.  I can only imagine how fun its going to be for them to grow up together and watch them interact more and more.  Gagnez also treated us to his fabulous veggie enchiladas.  He is a great cook.  In fact, he’s recently written a vegan soul food cookbook.  Check it out here.

Sunday morning we got some coffee and set off for the James Peak Wilderness with K and Stacy.  The goal was to to hike up to a shoulder of James Peak.  Unfortunately, the road/ trail we were on did not connect through as I thought it would.  Still, it was a beautiful sunny day and views were spectacular.  There was very little snow.  I put on the micro-spikes anyways as I had Lily in the carrier and did not want to slip on the icy patches.  Overall though, the trail was pretty clear.  Early December and very very little snowfall.  Its worrisome.  At least we got a good hike out of it.  Or, as K remarked, “this is the joy of global warming.”  Here are some photos from the hike.



Henrie and Dad excited for the hike

Lily and Dad excited for the hike

Henrie and Dad even more excited while hiking

Lily and Dad even more excited while hiking

Hmmm... What's up here?

Hmmm… What’s up here?

Stacy said we looked like a couple with our baby

Stacy said we looked like a couple with our baby



Snack time under the yak wool

Snack time under the yak wool

Meanwhile Oscar got some butt rubs

Meanwhile Oscar got some butt rubs

Ohhhhh so good!

Ohhhhh so good!


Later when we returned home we played dragon while we made some grub for the next day.


This week has been quiet and low key so far.  This weekend K, Drew (an ultrarunning buddy), and I plan to head up to Fort Collins on Saturday to run the Chubby Cheeks Fat Ass race.  Fat Asses are free trail races where a group of runners get together and hit the trails.  This one is hosted by Nick Clark who is one of the top ultrarunners in the country.  There are three races, a 20 miler, a marathon, and a 50k.  K plans to run the 50k.  I think I might go for the marathon.  Being sick for the past two months has set my running back a bit. Perhaps now that I am feeling better this will kickstart me again.  I’ll keep you post on what happens.

Well that’s the news from Edgewater where all the women are crafty, all the men run far, and all the babies are joyous.

Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

2 thoughts on “Late Fall Days

  1. Glad you guys are feeling better!

  2. It looks lovely, and I am thrilled that all of you are able to take advantage of the countryside. I hope the run goes well!

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