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Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1

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Thursday evening around 3:30 am in nowhere in Nebraska, I came upon the idea for this and the eleven posts to come.  It was an icy slow drive.  Lily, Ellie, K, Stacy, Mimi, Oscar, and Thibbodeaux were all asleep in the back of the Rodeo, and I was trying to occupy my mind. Every year, Ellie and I head up north and back to the motherland for the holidays.  This year will mark Lily’s first trip to Minnesota.  Both Ellie and I have divorced parents.  Consequently we spend our winter break pinballing back and forth between parents, friends, and family gatherings.  To ease the bouncing around with a baby this year, we’ve planned to spend three days in sequence with each set of families.  First comes Grandma Eunice, then Nana & Grumpy, followed by Papa & Granny, and finishing with Zeydah (Boobah unfortunately has gone to the UK for the holidays and we will miss her).  As a result, we have our own merry twelve days of Christmas ahead of us.  Here is the first post of our merry break.

Day 1: Grandma Eunice, and Lily Meets Cousin Harry

This morning Lily was gracious enough to let Ellie and I sleep for 12 hours.  After being awake for 40 some hours, 19 of which were spent driving through an icy midwest, we were exhausted and desperate for sleep.  Waking up next to Lily is always a delight.  She cooes and smiles saying “oooo good sleep.  Aaah.”  Unfortunately, we are unable to stay with Eunice at her new place.  So, for the next three days we are staying the nights at the Kuhne’s and spending the days with Eunice.  This arrangement allowed Ellie and I to squeeze in a run with Zeydah before heading to brunch with Grandma Eunice.  While we were running, Lily spent some quality time with Auntie Hannah and Uncle Eamon.

Eunice  made a delicious egg bake for brunch with fried potato skins. Lily, who has been experimenting with solids, enjoyed the eggs and broccoli.  After brunch, we drove to Prior Lake to see the Devanes and have Lily meet Harry and Brittaney for the first time.  We had a great time catching up and watching Harry and Lily play.  We miss them all dearly, and it was really good to spend a few hours with them.

We then headed back to Eunice’s where we had dinner with Great Uncle Ernie, his girlfriend Becky, and Great Auntie Paula.

Here’s the pictures from the day.

Safe box keys found.

So that’s the news from Shoreview where all the men flatulent, all the women are good lookin’, and all the children are getting older.

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One thought on “Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1

  1. Lovely to have all of you back in the Midwest – I know it’s a hassle, but it is much, much appreciated.

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