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A Red Christmas

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Here’s a little backlog for everyone.  On the weekend of the 15th, we had two Christmas parties.  We co-hosted the first party with the Ps at their newly remodeled abode on Friday night, and we had a great turnout.  We awkwardly invited cross-sections from each of our social-professional spheres, but they meshed surprisingly well.  Between the four of us, everyone fell into two camps:  teachers or ultrarunners.  Fortunately, we were all able to agree on good food and drink.  And I must say, the food and drink were sublime.

Stacy fashioned an unusual cocktail of champagne, cranberries, and rosemary.  In her crock pot, spiced apple cider sat along a collection of spirits for spiking.  In the “girl room,” decanters, wine, fancy liquors and colorful vintage wine glasses made a pretty vignette.  Renee brought real hot chocolate, and K made an elaborate tea which nobody drank but everyone admired in its pretty, festive pitcher.

As for the food, I pioneered fondue with the help of a coworker’s fondue pot and plenty of help from my food-snob co-adviser.  There was plenty of requisite scoffing at my stirring which apparently only passes for rotating which apparently only food-philistines do.  Anyway, you can’t go wrong with lots of cheese and wine and bread, and so that was divine.  In the living room, we had more good treats:  I made delicious spicy peanut and bean dips (with the help of Ms. Deborah Madison, of course) and chopped a bevvy of crudites for the dipping.  K made spinach and red pepper hummus (Christmas colors), and guests brought fruit dipped in chocolate and those delicious tortilla chips from Whole Foods.

Yum yum.

As for our outfits, they were inspired (by pinterest).  I’ll show you the inspiration since we neglected to take photos:

I wore a burgundy velvet dress that I had seen on three separate occasions at the thrift.  When I finally tried it on, I realized that it was, indeed, perfect and meant for the season and me.  Mine is the same color as the one above but it has long sleeves and is longer in the skirt.  Lily’s dress matched mine.  We were a vision in burgundy velvet 😉 Stacy’s outfit channeled the second image, except her skirt was red and her top was pink (leopard print).  Everyone else was in jeans, but we didn’t care.  It’s too fun to dress up.

On Saturday night, we attended an ugly sweater party for Joshua’s work.  I don’t have an ugly sweater and I’d rather not spend money on something ugly, so we decided to go all in red.  As you can see, Joshua has no problem spending money on something ugly.  He also has no problem sporting a mustache.  I do.  Have a problem with him sporting a mustache, that is.

Her Red Christmas

His Red Christmas

Unfortunately, although we remembered to take pictures of these outfits, we remembered a little too late.  Hen was already asleep in her black tutu.

On Wednesday, we had the network-wide party, too.  Actually, now that I think of it, it’s no wonder that I’m feeling a little exhausted…

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  1. Fun stuff, my dears:)

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