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12 Drummers Drumming


We have arrived safely back in Colorado!  After 16 hours in a car with 2 dogs, 1 cat, four adults, and one 9 month old, I am very pleased to report that we are all in one piece and our sanity is in tact.

We had ambitions of more frequent posts over the break, but a final update will have to suffice 🙂

Our stay in Stockholm with Nana Yvonne and Grumpy was wonderful.  Their home is very cozy and the surrounding area is stunning.  It was great to just relax and spend time with everyone.

We headed over to Papa Tim and Granny Joette’s on Friday, with a stopover in St. Paul for lunch with Grandma Wilken.  Sarah and I also managed to squeeze in a little thrift store shopping trip 🙂

On Saturday, we met up with the extended A family, and later, Joshua and I took advantage of grandparent-babysitters and went out for dinner with the Devanes at Chatterbox in St. Paul.  It was nice to see the two of them again, and we realized that it was the first time that the two of us had gone out without Lily (besides a few runs).

On Sunday, we visited Gaetano and Jacquelyn’s lovely new house near Battle Creek, and then we said goodbye to Sarah, who flew back to New Orleans.  That night, we paid a quick visit to Ashlee in her new apartment, sang “Little Bunny Fufu” and just generally wished that we could see each other more often.

On New Year’s Eve, Joshua and I ran 10 (!) miles, and then we packed up to head over to the Kuhnes.  Later in the afternoon, Dad and I worked in a little ski, and after a very active day, we lit Hannukah candles (a few weeks late), ate latkahs, and drank wine.  It was a perfect way to end the year, and for the first time in my recollection, I was asleep before midnight (I tried to get back up, but Lily would have none of it).

On New Year’s, Dad and I took a couple of laps around Como on our skis, and we lounged around the house with Hannah and Eamon.  That night, Dad introduced us to a little wine tasting with Shiraz, and we had a ton of fun.

On the 2nd, Hannah, Lily, and I met up with my mom to go thrifting at an amazing Salvation Army in Minneapolis.  I found an excellent pair of high waisted jeans from the 80s (among a couple of other one-of-a-kind-finds), and afterwards, we got a snack and drinks at the Corner Coffee on 5th.

That night, Hannah and I went skiing around Como in the dark, and it was beautiful.  I LOVE SKIING.

The next morning, Dad and I went skiing again (I had to fit in one last hurrah!), and then we packed up.  With all the new booty, we needed Joshua’s ingenious packing skills, but we were, eventually, able to fit in everything.

Finally, we picked up K, Stacy, and Mimi, and then we drove back to Colorado.

And that, my friends, is how we spent our winter vacation.

Author: Ellie

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2 thoughts on “12 Drummers Drumming

  1. I think I linked you to this song once when you were in Nepal, but I cannot stop myself from citing Bruce Cockburn when e’er I can. Don’t bother with the strange video – just enjoy the music, which has very little to do with your posting (other than your last sentence). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1V-fbtQbus

  2. I’m amazed that you fit everyone in. That must have been one hell of a packing job! Glad you made it back safe and sane:)

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