Feathered Aspen

Vaccines and such..

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Lu: 10 lbs 5.5 oz, 23.5 inches long, 15.5 inch head circ.
Lily: 29 lbs, 37 inches long, big ole head (don’t remember but it’s up there on the charts 😉)
Three shots for Lu and two plus flu spray for Lily… It was a fussy day there for a bit.
We went hiking at Bergen on Saturday, took a train ride and checked out the new, gorgeous Union Station (and Tattered Cover and Little Man) on Sunday, plus a work date to do HW and such at St Marks with just me and my man :). On Monday, we met up with friends at the Science Museum and had a picnic with Grandma and David in the park. Yesterday, we went to the doctor and then hit up Discovery Park, complete with a little wading river and splash pad (I’ll save you the pun of wishing I had discovered it sooner). Groceries, nap, cleaning, dinner, class… Yeah. We’re gettin’ it done 🙂
Phone is on the fritz, but I’ll get a few more photos up soon.

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