Feathered Aspen

12 thoughts on “life lately

  1. We definitely live in different climates: planting is still two months away:( Great photographs – thank you for sharing them!

  2. Every time I look at Henriette I think of little Cindy Lou Hoo who was no more than two from Dr. Seuss animated Christmas show Ҙº So precious!

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  3. LOVE the pictures, Ellie, especially those showing all your seeds stashed in the little pots. There’s no better way to anticipate the spring than to start growing things now. And I love your “purging” picture showing Oscar as an exhausted person in charge, organizing a purge of the stuff you don’t need! Happy Sunday, my dears, I love you all very much.

  4. great pictures!! thanks for the update – miss those little buggers like crazy!!!! love ya’ll

  5. A treat on a Sunday evening to see the photos .A lovely interruption to my paperwork ! Catherine x

  6. Was Lily in the bath to get rid of the red paint – or is it just washable paint to colour the water? Please could you come and purge my breeding paperwork? If not – then send Oscar to deputise? Lov’n’hugs. Ruth. x

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