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10 mos/Lu


Lu is 10 months!

I kept expecting her to crawl.  Any day now!  I thought over and over again, and then I just sort of realized, this is it.  Lu doesn’t really crawl.  She scoots.  It’s pretty efficient, and it seems like she really only needs one hand and one foot to push herself around.  She’s been doing it for almost a month now, and she follows us around the house, gets into messes, and does what crawling babies do.

She pulls herself to her knees pretty regularly, and a few times, she’s even pulled herself to her feet, but otherwise, that’s the big news on the gross motor front.  She also does this thing where she kicks her legs and spins around, often making a little motor boat sound to accompany the motion.  It’s pretty funny.

Socially, she’s still a mama’s girl.  She’ll smile and flirt with just about anyone, but when they ask to hold her, she’s not amused.  I can’t say exactly when she started to reach for me, but certainly it’s been within the last two months.  She also loves her big sister, and Lily can often get her to laugh just by making a little growl or doing any number of goofy things.  She’s capable of a little peek-a-boo and “so big!” though will rarely perform these little tricks when asked.

As for teeth, three more have poked out in the past two weeks, and now she has five.  She loves to eat solids, and has begun demanding them whenever she sees any of us eating.  She loves apples and peas, especially, and I suppose you could say we’re “baby led weaning,” but mostly because we’re too lazy to whip up a second meal for her.  We rip things up into tiny pieces, and she methodically picks them up and gobbles them.

Lu’s not really saying anything yet.  She loves to babble and blow bubbles and make silly grunts, but she’s not really even saying mama.  We’ve also been terrible on the signing front, so she’s not doing that, either.  She does love listening to music, and whenever a good beat comes on, she’ll start rocking back in forth in time.

Well, hello!

Well, hello!


Just COVERED in yogurt.

Just COVERED in yogurt.

Blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles

These photos are such a perfect expression of Lu at this age.  I see these faces many times a day: silly, sweet, and focused.

These photos are such a perfect expression of Lu at this age. I see these faces many times a day: silly, sweet, and focused.

We’re so lucky to have our little Lu.  Kisses!

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5 thoughts on “10 mos/Lu

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures her expressions totally made my day luv the faces!!

  2. Thanks for the latest batch Ellie. Ruth didn`t crawl but was waling at 10 months. Have fun with Ruth and Paul. Some hard photos please, my wall needs bringing up to date. Love and hugs, keep on with the great job. Love, as always, Gramma/Great Gramma Vivienne

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  3. So I have a coworker who has a pretty miserable job and she cries at least 3 times a week when I ask her how she’s doing. Yesterday, I showed her the pictures of Lu and she smiled such a beautiful smile. All of which is to say your posts and pictures are not just a gift to those of us who know and love you but heal just a little corner of the world that is very much in need. Thank you. I love you very much. So excited to see all of you soon! Much love, Mandy.

  4. Those photos made us laugh ! Thank you ! Catherine x

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