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Oh my goodness.  The past month and a half has been crazy!  On May 9, the girls and I flew to Minnesota.  It was a nice long trip, and we crammed a lot in, including a trip to Des Moines to see Hannah graduate, a trip up to the North Shore to enjoy the sights, and visiting friends and family.  We managed to see Papa and Granny, Grumpy Dave, Ashlee, and Brittany and her boys, as well as Hannah, Eamon, Boobah, Zeydah, Boobah Ruth, and Mr. Paul all under one roof.

For a second before we left, I contemplated just how long 17 days is, especially without Joshua.  And while the trepidation was totally natural, I just decided that I was going to be grateful and appreciate this trip.  When I bought the tickets back in March, I was feeling a little lonely just hanging with the girls every day and missing my family.  We hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving!

So once I decided to just appreciate and enjoy the trip, it was more than easy to do just that.  I’m blessed to come from a family of conversationalists, so you can guarantee there was plenty of that, and since I’m someone who really covers intellectual ground and unpacks lessons and opinions out loud, I felt like it was such a great opportunity to take stock.  Plus, there are always running companions at the Kuhne house, although I will ask where I got what seems to be a bit of a reputation?  Where even my running roots are all like, ‘well, yes, of course, I’d love to run with you, but please just know it will be slow.’  And I’m all like, ‘ummm… yeah.  I’ve had two babies in the last three years, and I’m pushing a double jogger, sooo…  You’re gonna have to run like hell to keep up with my 12 minute miles.’

It was so nice to see Brittany and Ashlee too.  Four years ago when I first started spending time with Brittany, I never could have predicted that we would become good friends.  From the outset, we seemed so different, but Britt has taught me that when you have empathy and good conversation in spades, the rest is just details.  It was great to see her and the boys, but I was sad to have missed out on seeing Brian.  Next time!

As for Ashlee, she treated us to a girls night (as in, the two of us and both of my girls).  She let me buy the wine, but that’s not saying much, because apparently wine from Trader Joe’s is like, $2?!  I’m so thankful for our friendship; after fourteen years, Ashlee is definitely one of my most enduring friends.

So, it was a wonderful trip.  There were so many highlights, and really only one low:  Lu had a fever for five days that hovered around 102.  On the fifth day, her fever broke and she developed that telltale roseola rash 😦  While I would prefer a fever to the flu or the whooping cough (no seriously) any day, it’s a little scary to not know what’s going on….  So we went to Urgent Care twice (and once in Des Moines).  Not so fun.

We flew back to Minnesota on May 26.  Stacy and Ellison were there to pick us up, and it probably pretty entertaining to watch the two of us wrangle two carseats, two suitcases, three kiddos under three and a pregnant belly back to the truck, but somehow we managed to pull it off.

We had to wait until the end of the work day to see Joshua, but when he got home, we were all pretty happy to see him.  I was especially happy to see Billie go to him.  My easy going baby had not been particularly easy going on our trip, and I had ended up holding her the majority of the time.

So this is where my story get’s interesting, but I’m never going to get it up here on the blog if I include all the details…

On Wednesday, we signed a lease (our second lease signing for the same house, but that’s one of the details that’s just going to have to lie down).  On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we packed and snuck over to our old house to paint.  On Sunday, we moved to our old house in Edgewater.  On Monday, Joshua cleaned our Osceola home like a maniac and handed over the keys.  For the rest of the week, we moved in, painted, and tried to mow our lawn.

Somewhere in the mix, Lily and Joshua got some sort of GI bug and pooped themselves silly, vomiting here and there when they got bored.  The lawn mower broke no less than five times, and it rained, like, A LOT.  Joshua finished up his job as an administrator and transitioned back into a role teaching, and Stacy, K, and Ellison also moved into their home in Edgewater.  And then their basement flooded.  And everything they owned was in the basement.  And Stacy’s pregnant.

We hosted pizza night twice, and we also pulled off a church dinner club?  Oh and my brother and his girlfriend are living in our basement and my mom is in the shed and they signed a lease too.

On Thursday, we’re driving to Sheridan, Wyoming (6 hours) so Joshua can pace Will in a 100 miler, and then on Monday, we’re flying to Mexico.

Cuz that’s how we roll.  At break-neck speed, it seems.  What day is it again?

Anywho.  A few things to note:

1) I’m starting a non-profit.  You can quote me on that.  I will have all the paperwork filed by August 30.  That’s my goal folks, you gotta hold me to it.

2) I love Edgewater.  I love our old/first home.  I feel like my authentic self here.  My grass is too long and I never wear shoes, and my porch is just the best when it comes to listening to afternoon thunderstorms.

3) I’m feeling surrounded by community and it feels so good.  The Ps are back, pizza nights are on, and I’ve got my brother and my mom nearby.  I’m so thankful.

4) Lu is almost one?!!  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! She’s looking and acting more and more like a one year old too.  She’s clapping her hands, saying mama, playing peekaboo, scooting like a champ and also doing some impressive hands and feet only acrobatics.

5) Lily is a mostly lovely but also emotionally charged threenager.  In the span of five minutes I often find myself thinking, oh my god, she’s so wonderful/has an incredible memory/cute/funny and then, oh my god, an emotional bomb just went off.

6) I love this little family of mine to pieces, and man, am I ready for a vacation.

Kisses! XOXO

(And if you couldn’t already tell this was Ellie writing, not Joshua ;))

Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

3 thoughts on “How We Roll

  1. 🙂 Fun to read this and remember.
    Don’t forget your efforts at world peace and resolving Middle East conflicts.

    Yes, Mum: may I have another?

  2. Well Ellie it just proves how much can happen when you are not posting on Feathered Aspen ! We were thinking you must be really busy and so you have been ! Glad to hear you are happy We visit your dad and Mandy in a few weeks so are really looking forward to catching up

  3. We had such a lovely time with all of you! I’m glad the conversations and the running came to mind for you too–certainly a huge highlight of your trip for me. Your trip will be here faster than you can realize and you can go away and not think about home stuff for a while. Love your updates but hope you get to have a break! Much love,

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