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Yoga Time in Akumal*


Shhhhh.  Everyone’s sleeping.  Except for me, that is.  So I’ll just keep writing…

This morning we woke up and walked barefoot through the jungle to the yoga palapa.

Is walking through the jungle barefoot a good idea, you ask?

Probs not.

Leon led us through some yoga, and Lily did every move.  I was so impressed by her concentration, and of course, she was beaming.  She adores yoga.  Watching her rub her hands together and breathe om into them just fills me with love and gladness and pride.  Yup.  Alllll the feelings.


For breakfast, we blended up a pineapple, a couple of mangoes, and an apple.  The shake was super yummy, but this is the third time in a month that I’ve gotten a serious gut ache after eating pineapple.  Sad face.  I love pineapple.

After sitting out on the porch (hammock hangs) for a bit, we packed up and hitched the collectivo to Cenote Azul.  Leon had recommended this cenote for it’s shallow depth and being kid friendly, and it was a fabulous recommendation.  Lily loved every minute of it, and even Lu warmed up (cooled down?) to the idea once she realized that I was not going to force her into the little inflatable we brought.

We swam around and explored the cenote for a couple of hours, snorkeling and wandering through the multiple pools.  Braver souls than I jumped off of cliffs and dove deep into caves.  It was gorgeous, and the mosquitos weren’t too bad.

We walked the kilometer and a half from Cenote Azul to Playa Xpu’Ha.  Not the best hike I’ve ever had, but you gotta get those steps in where you can (I’m wearing a vivo fit, and rather than trying to figure out exercise while we’re here, I just have the goal of meeting my step count every day.  So far, I have every day since we left Denver for Wyoming.  I know, I know.  WONDER WOMAN.).

Xpu’Ha was gorgeous.  Of the three we’ve gone to so far, it was by far the best.  Much less touristy than Akumal (no bros in their board shorts playing hip hop and checking out girls), and much gentler waves than Xcacel.  By the time we got to the water, we were sweating buckets, so we quickly shed our clothes and ran in.

The girls had a gorgeous time bobbing in the waves.  I did too.  The water was warm and the color of turquoise, and unlike the other two beaches, there was very little seaweed.

Back on the beach, we treated ourselves to a late lunch/dinner of mariscos.  I had shrimp ceviche (super kosher), Joshua had the fillet, and we order fried fish tacos for Lily (who loved everything.  Seriously.  As long as it’s in Mexico, apparently she loves it.).  Oh, and margaritas, of course.  Mmmmmm.  The little umbrella palapa provided us plenty of shade, we just drank and ate and looked out over the water.  Perfecto.

Once back at Organic Yoga, we showered off the sweat and sting from our baby-wearing ultrarun home, and then Lily and I snuck off to the yoga palapa to do some yoga, just the two of us.  We ran through a couple of sun salutations (I think.  She’s the yogini, not me.).  I love that girl.

For dinner, Joshua made us bowls of fresh chopped fruit, and then we went back for a few more hammock hangs and then bed.  Lu took approximately 4eva to fall asleep, but once she did, I started writing, and now here I am…


PS  I have a list of things to write about, should I ever have the time to write about them.  One’s a little posty-post on a certain little lady who’s about to turn one!  More soon xoxo

*PPS The title is a little shout out to those of you who remember my post, Yoga Time in Dharamkot.  My my my, how times have changed 😉

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3 thoughts on “Yoga Time in Akumal*

  1. I still discuss the earlier post about yoga:) It is good to know that you are having a wonderful time. Keep writing!!!!
    Wish Lu a happy birthday from her Arctic zeyda, booba, auntie, and uncle! One? It’s hard to believe.

  2. Thank you for taking your precious alone time to write these posts. It’s a wonderful way for us to connect with what you’re doing! I completely sympathize about the mosquito bites–I feel like I smell like a tasty mosquito snack judging from the way they’re drawn to me! An ice pack can often help with the pesky ones that might keep Lily awake at night. It sounds as though you’re having a perfectly fabulous time–material for lots of family stories to come! Much love,

  3. Great to hear of the holiday stories .

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