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I am happy to report that today was an amazing day!  In fact, ever since my low point yesterday morning, things have been so much better, and we’re starting to get into the groove of this whole traveling thing 🙂

This morning Joshua and I took turns running.  Afterwards, we had breakfast, and then we all piled into a taxi and headed for El Gran Cenote.

Guys, cenotes might just be one of my favorite things.  These freshwater pools are textbook paradise.   They just take my breath away.  Today, as I was standing in the pool with Lu in my arms, I just kept thinking that this place is a living poem.

// you are a poem of rock and water // with secret passages for the nests of small birds // that swoop and dive and flit // over blue water and above my head // with water so clear that I think I can touch the bottom // but I can’t // with a blue that begs all the overused similes // and yet rings true // lover’s eye // sky // sapphire and turquoise // I swim through your caves with my baby in tow // you take us in and I whisper // this is magic // this is where the fairies live //


So yeah.  Pretty magical.  Enough so that it warranted a poem.

After two hours, we headed back to the studio for lunch and a nap.  Lu and I nursed and took a nap too (!) while Joshua worked on a video of the trip.

After we woke up, we took out the Ergos and walked into town. Here’s what I wrote in my journal to Lily:

We walked though las tiendas, gently touching the vibrantly embroidered flowers and admiring las calaveras.  Dream catchers with feathers of every shape and size swung in the breeze next to chandeliers of shells ands seeds from the jungle.

You ran and laughed, sneaking behind corners and hammocks.

You picked out a bracelet and wore it proudly.

We ate ice cream outside on the street, serenaded by a man and his guitar.  And two old ladies cooing over your blue eyes and blonde hair.

We found a playground, and you walked into the fray, a little uncertain.

At dinner, you ate sopa de lima and agua de sandia, sipping through the straw and draining the oversized margarita glass down to the last drop.

Your eyes were lit up, and you were so happy.

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