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A Mexican Farewell

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On Wednesday, Joshua and I woke up and took turns running along the Caribbean side of the island.  Listening to the waves crash against the craggy shore and watching frigates circle made the six miles slide by nearly unnoticed.  It’s nice too because there’s sidewalk and even paved path for the majority of the coastline, so I could really get into flow without having to worry about rogue taxis or motorcycles.  And the flowers.  I have a thing for flowers and so do islands.  So, love.

We left the studio a bit later this morning.  Lily was not in her finest mood, but overall, really, she had much improved by the end of the trip.  Whereas in Akumal I have this vague sense of one explosive moment after another, things really started to get better as soon as we acknowledged the problem, began problem solving and simply:  gave the poor child a nap (despite her many protests).  I think other things helped, like cutting down on the amount of walking, cutting down on the amount of time spent sweating profusely in the hot Mexican sun, and upping the amount of time spent in playgrounds, at pools, in ecoparks, and eating ice cream.

Taking the golf cart, we went to the Turtle Sanctuary where we got to see little baby, teenage, and full dang grown sea turtles in both above ground pools and a partitioned section of beach.  Their mosaic backs and slow movements really are so lovely.

But also, it was hot.  So I was all like, “oh wow.  Yes.  Look at the turtle.  K.  Can we go now?  May I hurl myself into the ocean now please?”

So we packed back into the golf cart and made our sojourn up to Playa Norte.  We camped out at one of the beach restaurants to nab a little shade and a hammock, and while shade and hammock were just the ticket, the restaurant was a little baffling.  We ordered a couple of drinks and snacks and every time we ordered, it was like pulling teeth.  I was like, sooooo do you not want us to order anything?  Literally I would go up to the people working at the restaurant and they would grunt in the direction of another employee and I would be passed around until I arrived at the original person who would then begrudgingly take my order.  And then when I went to close the tab it was like I was asking them to switch out the moon with Jupiter or something.  Very strange.

We went in and out of the water, and I would have loved to have spent more time just swimming through the blue water, neither of the girls was feeling it.  Lily had been complaining of a tummy ache all morning, and we began to suspect (after neither one of us could recall the last time she pooped) that the ache was probably due to some pretty serious constipation.  Poor thing was not a happy camper.

Lu had been pretty game the past couple of days to play in the water as long as she was getting lots of cuddles, but today she was over it.  She whimpered or cried the whole time.

After hanging out at the beach for a couple of hours, we walked into town to get some ice cream.  Sadly our favorite place (paradICE) was closed and we ended up going to a far inferior establishment where the ice cream tasted a lot like the somewhat salty science experiments I would do with my sixth graders.

From there, we took a taxi back to the studio (having dropped off the golf cart).  While the girls took a nap, we read, and when they woke up, we jumped on the bikes and rode to greenVerde, a restaurant recommended by our airBnB hosts.

The bicycles had seen better days and the road to greenVerde was not great for biking, so by the time we made the 2 mile trip to the restaurant, we were both soaked in sweat and a little exhausted.

Joshua ordered the mole and I ordered the stuffed poblano.  The stuffed poblano was a little bit like chicken ceviche (so, gross), but Joshua’s was super tasty.  The restaurant itself was pretty cute, all made out of reclaimed building materials.

We biked back home verrrrry carefully, but even so, it was the sort of ride where I just sort of wanted to kiss the ground and never get back on the bike once I was finished.

That night, Lily was up quite a bit, writhing in pain.  She sat on the toilet with great patience and some weeping, just praying for her bowels to cooperate.  In bed, I had her lie in child’s pose, and I led her through shavasana, helping her relax every little muscle.  She was a champ, game for any suggestion and miserable but really quite sweet.  Poor girl.

Still no luck by morning, so we gave her a cup of coffee and I even took her on a mile run.  Back at the studio, she waited to leave in a full squat, crying.  I rubbed her shoulders and tummy, telling her that she was doing everything right.

We stopped by Mango Cafe on our way out.  The food was incredible, but neither of the girls was in a good mood.  Lily was beside herself with constipation, and Lu couldn’t decide whether she wanted to be in a lap or on the table or on the floor, she just arched her back and complained no matter what I tried.

The food:  coconut french toast with almonds and fruit, breakfast quesadilla, and Mayan scramble with cinnamon coffee (which I normally would have loved, but it was hot and I was already hot and I’m sweating just thinking about it).

We finally made it to the port.  I ran off 15 minutes before the ferry was supposed to leave to go buy a pair of earrings.  Because me and earrings, you know?

I made it back just in time, with a pair of gorgeous oyster shell earrings swinging from each lobe.  Not cheap, but super beautiful.

The ferry ride back wasn’t quite as magical as the ride to the island, but it was still amazing.  Music + Blue Water + Breeze + Boat Ride = Happiness.  Even the pained Lily had smile on her face.

From the ferry terminal, we took a taxi to the ADO bus station where we caught the bus to Cancun airport.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare, so we spent a good bit of time walking around the airport, soothing the poop challenged Lily, and being really annoyed by the cost of water ($5!!!!!!).

The plane ride home was four hours, which should be a snap, but because we had already been at the airport for four hours seemed like eons.  We also ended up circling the airport for a while due to a storm and then lines were really long….

But we got back.  All in one piece.  And as soon as we got home, Joshua went out to buy Miralax and Kombucha and Kefir.  We’re on day three of probiotics and laxatives, and I’m happy to report that although Lily was quite miserable on Friday, she has since pooped three times and did not complain of a tummy ache at all today.

Lu is doing well.  She’s pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, and she’s even started cruising.  Her new favorite thing is scaling anything with steps.  It’s kind of terrifying.  Also, when you remove her from said stairs, she has a genuine toddler tantrum.  Like, LADY! I was in the MIDDLE of something, and put me back NOWWWWWWW!!!

In other news, we had pizza night on Friday and it was at that fateful gathering that we got everrrrryone sick.  Yup.  Apparently the Great Illness of Mexico was not food poisoning.  Apparently it was a virus.  And now everrrryone has it.  Grandma. Stacy. Ellison. Weston. Melanie. Nana. Pukes. Poops.  The works.  Sorry guys.

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