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I’m reading this book called The Conscious Parent.  It’s more philosophy than practical advice, but I feel like I’m getting some good stuff.  I’m trying to see these two little lovelies as my spiritual guides.  I’m trying to pause when they do something that drives me bonkers and think about what needs to be integrated in my unconscious.  I’m doing some serious ego examining.  It’s all very zen, you know.

That being said, Lily and Lu collaboratively initiated a nap strike today, and though I dug deep, I decided that this is really just playing dirty.  Give me nap or give me death, spiritual guides.

Peek a boo

Peek a boo

I so wish this wasn't blurry because this is such perfect capture of sweet Lu

I so wish this wasn’t blurry because this is such perfect capture of sweet Lu

Where is she?!

Where is she?!

I did have a breakthrough the other day though.  Usually Lily’s fussiness upon waking drives me nuts, but when I took a second, I was able to find some kinship.  Hey girl, I’m sensitive too.  Yeah, I’m probably projecting a little when it drives me crazy that you’re sensitive.  But I accept you, and maybe that can help me to accept me.  Now lets pamper sensitive selves.

In a similar vein, I think this is my biggest practical application from the book.  It grew out of working on real empathy…  In the process of trying to connect and think about what I would need if I were Lily, I started doing little things like lighting candles, smelling essential oils, taking baths, and fixing fancy drinks (the nonalcoholic variety, of course).  I think of it as pampering, and I like this new little tool in my parenting basket.  It might sound ridiculous, but it’s actually fun.  And it seems to help both of us get through those sensitive moments.

New 'do!

New ‘do!

Hey guys!  A break from regularly scheduled programming (aka my kids) to talk about mwah…

These past couple of weeks (months? Half year?), I’ve been dabling in self-helpy stuff.  It’s actually kind of amazing despite that recoil you experienced when you read “self-helpy.”  It all started with the minimalism and then it deepened with a podcast I’ve been listening to, The Lively Show.  She interviews a bunch of cool people and they all go meta, examining the things that they’ve done in the process of living their dreams.

All of this has gotten me really excited about journaling, meditation, yoga and reading more self-helpy stuff (as in parenting, help!).  I’ve been bowled over by the wealth of wisdom that I’m finding out there, and for a gal whose gone through a few transformations spiritually speaking, this is such a different access point, and the stuff I’m finding is really powerful.  I’d love to talk to you guys about it sometime, but I’m still so early in the process that’s it hard to write about it here with any real narrative.

Lily with the sunflowers

Lily with the sunflowers

Silly girl

Silly girl

Lily's new job is to pick out my earrings every morning.  She takes it very seriously.

Lily’s new job is to pick out my earrings every morning. She takes it very seriously.

Sweet girl

Sweet girl

It’s not hard to see how they’d make excellent spiritual guides.  Given a nap, of course.

Making brekkie with momma.

Making brekkie with momma.

Such a goose

Such a goose

We’ll be over here, squeezing out every last drop of summer, feeling so thankful for this spiritual thugs (I mean…), and fighting the weed army that’s trying to take over our lawn.  Over and out.

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  1. I admire your parenting journey, my dear. Those photographs of Lil and sunflowers are very Monet-esque. The flowers and her smile compliment one another nicely.

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