Feathered Aspen

Leadville, Baby


This weekend our friend had a killer race and placed second in the Leadville Trail 100. We tagged along, always game to spend some time in one of our favorite mountain towns. Joshua paced for a bit and I hung out with the blondes… That would be our joint posse of children.

This one sobbed when we left Leadville. “What do you like about Leadville?” we asked her as she cried over our packed bags.  “The mountains are so pretty,” she said. So, yeah. #coloradonative through and through.

I made Stacy take a picture of me holding baby Bierstadt. For posterity, of course.

3/4 of the posse  

#nottwins #ninemonthsapart

So fun to watch Ellison and Lu play together. I hope they’ll be good friends!  

Crew life at Twin Lakes. Betcha didn’t know that crew is an acronym for “crabby runner eternal waiting.” Our friend wasn’t too crabby, but it ain’t an ultra if there isn’t a lot of waiting and driving involved…

Babooshka Lily  
KP at Twin Lakes with his pacers in back, Will, Patrick, and Joshua. Making sure he’s got his wet wipes, Vaseline, and sunscreen. Oh ultras. What a funny scene.

Author: Ellie

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2 thoughts on “Leadville, Baby

  1. Great stuff, Ellie. I’d like to know more about the race, when you get a chance. How was Joshua’s portion of the run? How did Kyle feel? How far from first was he?

  2. Sounds like some kind of crazy scene. I’m glad you get to hang out with the kids–maybe the best part?

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