Feathered Aspen

Dear Lu 8/24


Dear Lu,

You’re nearly 14 months old, 26 inches tall, and probably about 19 pounds.  Your hair is starting to get a little bit longer, and like your sister, you often sport a fuzzy nest of tangles in the back from sleeping.

I love this age.  You are generous with your smiles, and you have this special little nose scrunch face that just gets me every time.  You LOVE being laughed at, and it seems that you’re already finding ways to be a little comedienne.  You are quite affectionate, and though you are still a momma’s girl through and through, you’re more loving with your daddy these days.  You give him hugs, reach for him, smile for him often.  (At long last!)

You are soooooo easy going.  I know I always said that, and a lot of people didn’t really believe me because you weren’t much for me leaving you or not holding you, but these days, people agree.  You are a fantastic independent player.  You especially love playing with small objects, and you examine them so carefully and intently.  Whenever music comes on, you start to dance, and you’ll even sing along.

These days, you’re cruising along furniture and legs, walking with our hands in yours, and evening climbing up on the couch or on top of rubbermaids (God help us.).  You adore stairs.  You still scoot, and everyone is amazed by how quick you are.  You’re also quite good at dragging over-large objects along with you as you scoot.  I’d imagine that walking is about a month away.

As for talking, you have a few words:  mama, dada, and hi.  There have been others, but these are the only ones that come up with consistency.  You also shake your head no (partially because we think it’s funny) and nod yes.  You can point to your nose, raise your hands over your head for “so big!” and blow raspberries on me or Lily when asked.  You also know how to hug, let go, dance, and peek-a-boo when prompted.  It’s so crazy to think that in two short years you’ll be having full conversations with me!  But for now, we’re light on words and heavy on flirts.

You like:  music, dancing, following your sister all around the house and doing whatever she is doing, pulling yourself up, GRAPES, water, laid-back nursing, swimming (as long as there isn’t sand and it’s warm enough), taking baths, and exploring.

You dislike:  sandy hands, grass on your legs, when Lily doesn’t share, getting your diaper changed, getting changed in general.

Quirks/Traits:  scrunch face, you give fabulous hugs and snuggles, you love wearing necklaces, and you are fascinated by small objects (a tangled piece of sewing thread could entertain you for 15 minutes and has).

Oh Lu.  You are such a bug.  I love you so much.  It’ll be fun to have some one on one time this year (though I hope you also nap!).  I cherish your sunny little disposition, and I love watching you grow.



Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

2 thoughts on “Dear Lu 8/24

  1. Fun stuff, Ellie! Keep ’em coming.

  2. Such a lovely letter to your little girl, Ellie. One day she will have a child of her own and will love to see what she was like at the same age! I love hearing all these details. Much love,

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