Feathered Aspen

Keep the Poetry


While Lu lay sleeping, I mopped the floors. It’s unreasonable how much I love clean floors.   
I made sweet peach tea for after school and then I hid random treasures inside half an egg carton for Lily.

Playing with magazine cutouts.  
“Bunny hunt” flag yesterday at Crown Hill. Thought a flag might keep her going for a mile. Not so much. 95 degrees wasn’t much help either.

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

3 thoughts on “Keep the Poetry

  1. Love the image of Lu with the bowl of fruit!

  2. BTW, those floors verily sparkle!!!

  3. Printed out a few of the pictures of our lovelies to put on my office wall. Now I get to see Lu give me that nose wrinkle smile every morning–and to see Lily all dressed up for pre-K. Truly a joy.

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