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A request

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Dear Friends and Family,

I’m writing to you with a request.  Over the past month, I have been in contact with Tsering Pema Tamang, one of the children of Gyurme and Nima from Nagthali Guest House in the Tamang region of Nepal.  The details are a little unclear, but the message is fairly straightforward:  the family needs help.  It sounds as though their home suffered quite a bit of damage.  Tsering also says that their village is so remote that they have not received much aid.

Though Joshua and I raised some money and donated to UNICEF Nepal shortly after the earthquake, this is a somewhat more complicated request.  Do I send money?  Where do I send it?  Will they be able to convert the money once it’s sent?  How much money do they need?

So back to the request:  1) for advice.  Do you have any expertise on navigating a request like this/ ideas?  2) consider donating.  I know this particular situation may alert some skepticism, and if so, please look at UNICEF Nepal, but if Tsering’s request strikes a chord with you, go ahead and send me a donation in cash or check (those of you without my address can contact me through comments or e-mail).  I’ll plan on sending the final amount to Tsering on September 17.

The exchange below details the conversation.

Tsering Pema Tamang <tsering.pema77@gmail.com> Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 9:17 PM To: Ellie.kuhne@gmail.com

I never forget to you.i always miss you and your family.i really belive to you.i had never forget that the movement of nepal at my house and eat same family food.i really could not made my house due to the earthquake.i havent got any help due to run my family and child fee.so i really belive to you that you will slove my problem.and made poor people life better.have you made plan to visit in nepal.we will meet again.keep in touch!reply me?

Ellison Kuhne <ellie.kuhne@gmail.com> Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 5:39 PM To: Tsering Pema Tamang <tsering.pema77@gmail.com>

Namaste Tsering, of course I remember you and your family. When we heard of the earthquake, you and your family were the first people who came to our minds. We’re very sad to hear about the earthquake and all of its damage. We raised some money with our family and friends to give to UNICEF, but I’m sad to hear that you still are struggling and have not gotten the help you need. How might we help you? We do not have plans to visit Nepal at the moment, but it is a very special place that is very dear to our hearts. I do hope that we can return some day. We have two baby daughters, and we would love for them to see your country. Please let me know if you have any specific ideas. While my husband and I live on one income, I do believe that we might be able to raise some money. I could also write a letter to an organization that might be able to help as well. What is it that you need most? Ellie

Tsering Pema Tamang <tsering.pema77@gmail.com> Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 9:44 AM To: ellie.kuhne@gmail.com

Its make me very happy to read that you will remember to me and my family.i never forget to you.my feeling is that if you can help for me some money it will also be the part of the house.how i can made my house due to run my family member and children fee.now days we dont have any bussiness and farm to earn then how can made my house.no had help for me.i had lots of problem how i can slove it.if you can help for me i will never forget it.i am tsering pema tamang.in my village only my family cannot get help.i really belive to you..

Tsering Pema Tamang <tsering.pema77@gmail.com> Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 9:32 PM To: ellie.kuhne@gmail.com

Tashi delek!i really belive to you and i requested you for help for first time. but i had get reply only one time.i had mail you 4 times.i know to you so,i mail to you.i had detaily share my problem with you.i had lots of problem by earthquake.as you know that we are the poor.we can’t get help by any organization.but some foriegn kindful and helpful private organization give us some food and materials.but other organization not link in our village.our goverment also not help in our village because they thought that tourism area had got help by their (foriegn)friend and other foriegn.but we dont have any foriegn friend and people to help us. We are live in rural part of our country.so,in this part goverment and organizatin don’t help us.really belive me and know my feeling.nowdays my life is like”fish with out water”..can you made some idea with your husband?truely and kindly requested!keep in touch!

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  1. Mandy and I will send you something ASAP.

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