Feathered Aspen



I’m trying to initiate more unstructured time outside with the girls. We bring a picnic and plan to walk a bit, but that’s all.   
It’s not without its challenges; I’m pretty much guaranteed a tantrum from the eldest if the snacks aren’t plentiful, free flowing, or to her liking/ if it’s hot/ if she has too walk far.

But today, after the requisite tantrum, turned out to be a marvelous success! Lily spied a fuzzy green caterpillar, and we were enthralled for no less than 45 minutes.

 As chance would have it, we had just received a book in the mail from Boobah about Charlie the caterpillar. We read it aloud, stopping to measure our live “Charlie” progress often. 

What great serendipity!

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

2 thoughts on “Caterpillar

  1. Ah, serendipity! Though, to be honest, you look more excited than Lu:)

  2. All this makes me very happy. Glad the book arrived serendipitously (that’s a made-up word) and to see Lu in her Catherine and Donal dress she loves (as do I). I loved the picture of Lu enthralled. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Love as ever,

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