Feathered Aspen

Lily and Lu


Lily – 3 years, 8 months

I promised myself I would write down some Lily-isms, and while I haven’t been totally faithful in jotting all of them down, I do have a few for you:

  1. Mom, don’t be a victim.  (I can’t remember the context now, but I do remember thinking, you’re right.  Buck up, Ellie.  Haha.)
  2. My option is to go for a walk.  I need to stretch my legs.
  3. Lily:  “What did you learn today?”  Grandma:  “Actually, I was teaching today.  I teach new parents things to do with their babies.”  Lily:  “Do you teach them to regulate their emotions?”
  4. I’m jealous when Lu nurses, but I don’t really want to nurse.  It doesn’t taste very good to me.
  5. Mommy, can we go to nursing school together?  I want to be a nurse too.  We can go at the same time.

Oof.  She’s a gem.  Love her to bits, that one.  We’ve rekindled our love affair with naps, and it almost immediately solved our tantrums.  She is such a sweetheart.  She asks great questions, and she’s so loving.  She plays well with Lu and helps her out.  It’s not always smooth riding, but for the most part, I feel pretty dang lucky that the two of them get along so well.

Lily has been loving sledding, trips to storytime, the Children’s Museum, the Art Museum, and especially playdates.  She loves reading books, playing make believe with her “baby” Rosie (a pink stuffed dog), and having conversations.  She also loves to eat, especially beans and rice, hot chocolate, pizza and biscuits.  Although we have a suspicion that pizza and biscuits don’t love her…  Poor thing needs a steady diet of probiotics and exercise to keep her from having tummy troubles.

Lu – 17 months

Lu is walking all over the place these days.  She loves to empty out the sock and underwear drawer, the lower cabinets in the kitchen, and the storage in the bathroom.  She also adores pulling every single solitary wet wipe out of the bag, strewing toilet paper all over the house, and playing in the recycling.  She’s very, very cute, and she produces an astounding amount of mess.

I night weaned Lu about a month ago, and it’s been going… Ok.  I remember night weaning Lily and thinking, “Oh my god.  I haven’t slept in 18 months, and it was THAT easy.”  So when Lu started showing the signs that it was time (wanting to be latched all.night.long), I was all like this ain’t my first rodeo.

But Lu isn’t the same little girl Lily was, and whereas Lily was devastated for three nights and then over it and slept well, Lu has yet to really loose it like Lily did.  But now four weeks in, she’s still waking up, crying and frustrated 2 – 4 times a night.

We’re still not terribly verbal, but both Joshua and I are really recognizing the signs.  We feel like she’s just on the cusp, using some of the signs we’ve taught her, attempting the first syllables of words we stay, and occasionally pulling out a dead mimic.  She also understands quite a bit.  She can go and get her diaper and wet wipes.  She can get her clothes or her pjs.  She can show you where her shoes are.  She can give kisses and gentle touches.

So far these are the words we’ve heard:  mama, dada (very consistent now), hi, uh oh (very appropriately used :)), no, wa (water), duh (diaper – very consistent too)

She also signs please and more 🙂

As for eating, she’s picky, but not in the ways I might expect.  She doesn’t go for eggs like Lily did, but she loves raisins, broccoli, beans, blueberries (especially when teething), cheese (of course), and oatmeal.  She also loves my green smoothies (which are not that delicious…  Basically three cups of kale in two cups of water with a cup of fruit).

Lu’s been standing on a little chair in front of the kid’s kitchen, and she can be so independent walking or playing.  At other times, she’s all momma’s girl, all the time.  I guess I’d better soak it up 🙂

At our last doctor’s visit (about two weeks ago), she clocked in at 19 lbs, 8 oz.

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3 thoughts on “Lily and Lu

  1. These two are amazing, testimony to the two of you and your parenting skills. Much love . . . .

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