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Thanksgiving 2015


We had such a wonderful week.  Joshua had nine days off, and we squeezed every last drop out of each of them.

Friday Night – Dinner with David, Melanie, and mom to celebrate David’s 25th birthday and thanksgiving.

Saturday – Joshua and I went and saw Mockingjay Part II with Sarah and friends in theater, while Nana took care of the girls.  Afterwards, we both fit in a run, I tackled painting the rest of the kitchen and stairwell (FINALLY), and we packed for a little adventure.

Sunday – We grabbed breakfast from the newly opened Rise and Shine.  We’ve missed our biscuits, and we’re so happy they’re open and even closer than before!  We happened to run into friends there, and then afterwards we drove to Granby.  On the way, we stopped at Berthoud for a little hike in the snow.  We didn’t get very far with the steep slope and all the snow, but it was fun.  Lily was such trooper 🙂  We stopped for lunch and groceries in town, then we went for a run with the chariot.  It was cold, but the girls were all bundled up and snuggled in together.  So beautiful.  I love the pale, cold sunset.  Once we had checked into our AirBnB, a simple, cheap little studio with a kitchen and fireplace, we took advantage of the outdoor hot tubs.  So fun to see the steam rising off the pools, the moon, and the mountains!

Monday – We drank coffee, made breakfast burritos, and headed out for another run.  We’ve been hitting up plowed dirt roads with the chariot, and it’s been working pretty well for us!  Lily is getting a bit heavy to carry, and with a run, the outings tend to be a bit shorter, so that’s a plus too.  We pack plenty of snacks, hand warmers, a thermos, a hot water bottle, and a big snuggly blanket for the two of them.  I think we could have gotten a couple of hours out of them like that, but they actually slept almost the whole time!  I guess there’s nothing quite like being warm and toasty next to your sister 🙂  They did get out and walk at the beginning and end, and we got in 8 miles, with which we were very pleased!  Once we got back, we hit up the tubs again, plunging into the heated but much cooler large pool to cool off.  We had a blast.  Back at the studio, we had a great dinner, and then Lily suggested we go on a little night walk in the snow.  I think she immediately regretted her decision when we got out in the cold, but Joshua and I loved it 🙂  When we got back, Joshua lit a fire, Lu fell asleep, and Lily, Joshua, and I sat in front of the flames drinking tea.  It was pretty perfect.

Tuesday – We woke up, ate, finished packing, and snuck down to the hot tubs one last time.  Lily is getting to be quite the swimmer!  She can get herself across the larger hot tub without touching, face in water, and she LOVES it.  Afterwards, we drove back over the pass.  We had decided to stop for a little run with the chariot in Idaho Springs, but that turned out to be a bit of a bust…  It was a mile and half straight up, not really runable, and then the girls started freaking out.  We drove home, Joshua and the girls went to get groceries, and I did some more painting.  My dad, Mandy, and Eamon arrived that evening, and we kicked off the visit with a delicious salad Joshua made and a little walk.

Wednesday – We had a slow morning with plenty of coffee.  Eventually, we headed up to Alderfer Three Sisters for a hike.  For about the first mile, I was thinking, “oh my god, I’m freezing, it’s super slippery, and I CANNOT carry Lily on hikes anymore.”  I was a little crabby and feeling like we had made a bad choice, but for whatever reason, after we stopped early on for a snack, the last two or three miles were great.  I warmed up, the trails didn’t seem as slippy, and my dad was a trooper and carried Lily for quite a long ways…  Hopefully he enjoyed the last half as much as I did!  It’s always nice to walk with my family.  We’re big talkers, the Kuhnes, and running and walking really gets our conversations going.  Sheesh, I miss them.  Back at the homestead, Mandy and I went for a run, and then afterwards, we all headed over to some friends for a yummy dinner and some more conversation (my kind of evening 🙂 ).

Thursday – We spent most of Thanksgiving cooking, baking, and cleaning.  Mandy, my dad, and I did get to sneak out for a longer 7 mile run, which was perfect.  Dinner was amazing, and Joshua was, of course, showered with praise for his two stuffings, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, turkey, and salad.  I mean.  For dessert, we had pumpkin and apple pies, and we definitely were all quite stuffed.  In attendance were Mandy, my dad, Eamon, Joshua, myself, Lily, Lu, Sarah, Yvonne, David, and Melanie, so we were a very full house.

Friday – We headed down town to the Art Museum.  Last year, Dad and Mandy bought us a membership to the Art Museum, and we’ve taken advantage of it quite a lot.  I bring the girls two to four times a month, and it’s a fun place to take guests, too.  This time, we headed up to the American Indian exhibits.  I had never been before, and I have to say, it’s now my favorite room.  I love all the colorful textiles, beading, and thoughtful manipulation of stereotype.  I especially loved the cradleboards.  I want to make one now 🙂  Afterwards, we had a slow day at home.  Joshua and I went for a run, and the girls had many, many books read to them.

Saturday – My dad and Mandy declared that it would be a trip to Denver if we didn’t go to the biscuit place, so we made the hike.  Rise and Shine, you never disappoint.  Back at home, dad and I went for one last run together before they headed home.  We said goodbye, sad to see them go, but pleased with our visit.  Afterwards, I finished painting the kitchen and stairwell (finally!), and Joshua and I watched the documentary on tiny houses after the girls went to sleep.

Sunday – We went out and bought a tree, took down decorations, and put up lights.

So there you have it!  Thanksgiving 2015 was a keeper.

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. I did enjoy the hike. Any time spent with a grand-daughter linked to me is time well spent. Thank you for your graciousness – you guys are wonderful hosts, and I already miss you!

  2. This sounds so wonderful, it fills me with cheer 🙂

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