Feathered Aspen

Summer in Utah Act 1: Capitol Reef


At the beginning of the month, I wrapped up the school year and officially started my summer break. (Woo hoo!  Year seven in the bag.)

After a few days at home, we packed up the truck and camper and headed out to Utah.  I planned to run the Bryce 100 on June 17 (more on how that turned out later).

In typical Feathered Aspen style, I filmed our getaway and am making shorts to share.  Here is the first of what will likely be three acts.  I’ll try my damnedest to post one each day for the next few days.  Enjoy Act 1: Capitol Reef.

Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

4 thoughts on “Summer in Utah Act 1: Capitol Reef

  1. awesome video thanks for sharing! hopefully the next one will be like two hours long!

  2. What a way to start my day! So much fun to see you guys camping with, of course, such beautiful girls. Thanks.

  3. Love it! Looking forward to Act 2.

  4. I love these short films. Thanks, Joshua, for sharing some of your family vacation with the rest of us! I LOVE that part of the country!!!

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