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The day of Lu’s second birthday at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Sherpa dad at Denver Botanic Gardens 6/30/2016

Snuggling my girls at the Botanic Gardens

Silly sisters cuddling on the couch

This one is actually from late March. Photo credits Brittany 🙂

Another one from Brittany.  At the Audobon Center in MN.

Pretty roses in Edgewater

Most amazing photo ever.  Love this woman’s grace and poise.  Photo credit by Jonathan Bachman.

Another photo by Brittany.  Love this guy 🙂

The day it was 106.  Oh man.  Soooo hot.

I’ve been coveting this linen jumpsuit.  Unfortunately, it’s like $100 and from Lithuania.

I make yummy salads, guys.

Walking to the P’s and these girls holding hands.  So sweet.

The three girls go rodeo in from the the Children’s Museum.

Another of the three girls on the gondola in front of the Children’s Museum.

These sweeties holding hands and baby wearing 🙂

All the flowers for Lu’s birthday party.

A picture of the two girls at the same age side by side.  Lily on the left and Lu on the right.

Close up of Lu.  So sweet.  I miss her long hair!  At the end of July, Lily took a pair of scissors to Lu’s bangs 😦  I ended up snipping off the rest and giving her a little cap.  She’s adorable, of course, but I loved putting little piggies or top knots in her hair!  And the girls’ hair takes SO LONG to grow!

Will with the twins!  Super dad 🙂

Lily living it up in the mud.  #waldorfchild

Lu gives Bierstadt a hug/headlock.  Aggressive love <3.

Lily selfie in the chariot with Mama’s glasses 🙂

Lu and Bierstadt.  This girl loves this little boy 🙂

Pink nails 🙂

Mom and I went to see Lyle Lovett at Fiddler’s Green…  Actually, we went to see Emmy Lou Harris, but she was sick!  Bummer, but still fun 🙂

Another one of my salads 🙂

A beautiful sight.

Anniversary night…  I’m 15 weeks here.  Oh hey!  By the way!  I’m pregnant!  Haha.  I suppose this is the first photo or announcement on the blog…

Baby butt at Lu’s 2 year check up.

My pretty dress for David’s wedding.  $7 at the thrift 🙂

My dad requested a crew cut the first night of their visit.  I obliged, but felt jealous of his thick curly hair the whole time!  Yo, dad.  Where were you in the genetic pool on that one?!  On another note, the crew cut was meant to make my dad’s epic bike trip back home from CO to MN a bit easier…  It must have worked, because he finished yesterday – a couple of days early 😉  Nice job, dad!

A shot of Joshua at mile 50.  This is his Never Summer 100k race.  He had a wonderful first 55 miles and then he tanked out for the last 8.  But he finished and with a 45 minute PR!

Ellison and Lu hanging out in the tent in Never Summer.  So cute!

Joshua has been working so hard on our place at Osceola!  Poor guy.  He’s had, like, one day off in the past 3 weeks.

Selfies in the car because my hair was doing good things 😉

These girls playing ALL the time 🙂

A Whole Foods treat.  Although I kind of messed up the cooking of the trout 😦


Another day, another salad!

She’s a wonderful one.

The damages, but still cute 🙂

18 weeks.

The wedding party!

Mom, David, and me.  Somebody tell my mom she looks gorgeous because she’s been second guessing herself ever since, the loon.  David looks quite dapper, I think 🙂

So sweet!

Love Lily’s little leg pose here, haha.

They all look so lovely!

David and Melanie with the flower girls 🙂

Melanie is lovely!  Such a wonderful woman – my bro is so lucky!

The happy couple

My hair did good things.  I documented.

More documentation of the good hair day.  People.  It doesn’t happen, but when it does, it must be documented.

Hollyhocks at night.

More nail polish.  And my fab Himalayan Salt Lamp 🙂

The girls have begging to go on a run with me in the evenings.  So cute 🙂

I adore Lily in her running outfit!  She’s great.  She’s been doing about a mile with me 🙂

Woops.  I guess this one is a screen shot, but nice photo!

More selfies.  Red hair from Henna with Hannah 😉

Could they be lovelier?!


19 weeks on the wedding day 🙂

The only presentable photo of the four of us 😦  Guess we’ll have to try to get another one before the holiday card comes around.

Grandma and the girls.

Lily loves pushing Lu in the stroller.

Palisade Peaches are for Lovers.


My little Puck

Eating ice cream

Sweet gals

Matching 🙂

Fish tacos.  This time I nailed the fish.

This girl is on nap strike.  It’s horrible.  Two weeks of battle.  And, of course, hand down the shirt, silly girl.

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