Feathered Aspen

Our week in pictures 


Such kitty love!

Ready for her Silver Bells performance:)

So fun! She was thrilled to be on stage ❤

She stitched this!

Lu did this with very little help from me 🙂

That belly is soooo big. I’ll be 38 weeks on Sunday! Could be any day…

Stop, drop, and yoga 🙂

I caught them holding hands when I was at the light. So sweet!

Mom! Take a picture of me and Oscar!

They wanted to snuggle like this for nap… Ha. I set a 3 minute timer, split them up, and had them asleep in the next 10 (Cuz I’m a pro 😉 Just kidding. Cuz I’ve been had before.)

Getting practice walking three girls!

Author: Ellie

Wife, Mom, Adventurer...

3 thoughts on “Our week in pictures 

  1. Lovely photos Ellie ! I have a deep affection for school Christmas performances so loved the stage photo in particular . Hope all goes well with new Baby Andert ‘s arrival.
    Love Catherine

  2. So lovely. Miss you all so much! Merry Christmas!!

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