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More newborn photos and some old ones I never posted 💛


Grandma met Luna for the first time at 9 days old… Lily has a hard time relinquishing holding privileges 😉

Some daisies for photos. Look at this sweetie 💛

9 days old.

Adore this one.

That’s a lot of boob fer y’all, but this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Sweet snuggles.

January 1st… I just can’t get over how weird/amazing the human body is. I mean, how did all of her fit in there?! How was my belly that big just 10 days ago?! Crazy.

Besties at 30 weeks and 40 weeks… I hope these two babes are good friends:)

And then these are all the family photos Brittaney took at the beginning of October! I didn’t share all of them then bc I had yet to send out our holiday photo, but now those are all out, here they are! The Black Hills were so gorgeous, and we were lucky to have some good photographers in our midst 😉 If you didn’t get one, just message us! It’s hard to keep track of all those addresses…

Author: Ellie

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2 thoughts on “More newborn photos and some old ones I never posted 💛

  1. It is one of the most amazing yet natural human occurance. It’s a miracle with a incredibly complex yet simple act. I was also so proud of you when you calmly gathered up the girls and called Josh. Many mentioned your bravery. But you hopped in the truck, had a baby and we’re home to put your other babies to bed. Very classy. You both did a fine job!

  2. Leave these photographs, my Colorado family. Keep them coming!

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