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First days in San José


When we headed to the Mayan Riviera two years ago with Lily and and baby Lupine we quickly learned that traveling with children would have to look much different than when we’d previously went abroad.  I remember joking then that the biggest difference is that there is far less time for writing and reading.    The same is even more true now traveling with three kiddos.

We’ve still been having a great time.  Thus far we spent two days in San José, a week in Santa Teresa, and now we’re in Quepos/ Manuel Antonio area for the next week.  It’s been good to go at the kids pace.  Adventure in the morning.  Lunch.  Nap.  Evening walk or swim.  It’s amazing how resilient and curious these little ladies are.

I’m shooting lots of video and plan to make several videos of our Costa Rican travels.  Here’s the first installment from San José.  Enjoy.

Author: Joshua

I am a husband and father. I am an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer and ultrarunner. I like to cook and eat. I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I like to do the things I love with the people whom I love.

4 thoughts on “First days in San José

  1. LOVE the video, Joshua. What is the music?

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Zeydah! The song is “Ileso” by Control Machete. We first heard their song “Sí Señor” in the movie Amores Perros. I’ve always loved them.

      I’ve got another video on the way from Santa Teresa if I can get this connection to upload it.

      • Excellent – thanks for responding! I do enjoy the videos. You are becoming quite adept at editing them! Enjoy that sabbatical!.

      • Thanks! I finally backed up all the videos we’ve made in the past four years, and we currently have 28 of them! Perhaps we’ll have to do a mini screening of the best of them this summer when you come to visit.

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