Feathered Aspen


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Mommy, how do you tell what kind of energy a rock has?

Hold it in two hands, pressed between your palms.  Roll it a little; give it some love.  Bring it up to your nose and smell.  Bring your hands to heart center and try to hear what the rock is telling you.  What’s the rock telling you, Lily?

It’s telling me happiness.


One more thing, Daddy.

When I close my eyes, I can feel the energy from the waves.  They’re pushing me and pulling me and I can feel the vibrations. -Lily


I’m going to sit on that beautiful body! -Lu


Excuse me?  Did you lose a tooth?  Did the tooth fairy come?  Did the tooth fairy leave you something under your pillow?  What did you spend it on?  You don’t remember?!! -Lu to the boy Henry staying at the same Villa


I have a great idea!  Let’s move to Costa Rica! -Lily


Lock my treasures up. -Lu


Wrap me up like a pepper. -Lu


Get out of town! -Lu

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