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Lu, Age 3

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Miss Lupine, age 3

For your third birthday, we took you, your sisters, and Ellison to Lakeside Amusement Park.  It was Lily’s idea, and it was a good one!  We bought a long strip of tickets, and you rode almost every ride, beaming the entire time.  We were quite impressed with your fearlessness, but when we got to the Ferris Wheel you finally found your limit.  And I can’t blame you!  My heart was doing little flips from the height and the speed.  Your older sister was in heaven.

That night, we headed back to the Ps and ate charcuterie, which I have decided is perhaps the most perfect meal for a three year old (and possibly one of the most expensive!).  You gobbled up olives and cheese and crackers and fruit with a good deal of enthusiasm.  Before bed, you opened up your gift from us which you had begun requesting months ago:  a ring just like Lily’s.  Sadly, it was far too big (a size one!), but I’m hanging on to it until your little fingers get bigger.

The next day was Saturday, and we threw everything together for a pizza party over at Bob and Sandy’s.  Though it was a smaller crowd, we had a wonderful evening, and for dessert, you chose blueberry pie.  The candle was improvised, but you and Lily both got to blow it out.

Dear Lu,

You are a light.  We are so lucky to have you in this family.  You’re funny, sweet, and generous.  You play well with others, and you are thoughtful.  You adore your sisters, and you’re sweet to your mama and daddy too.  These days, you’re always asking to “go do something” or “go see someone.”  You love socializing and playing, you love being on the go.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve jotted down just a few of the funny things you’ve said.

  1. In Minnesota, I ordered an iced coffee at Caribou. Lily was upset when I didn’t order anything for anyone else, but Lu said to Lily, “well! She adult!” Her indignance on my part was hilarious.
  2. We were driving somewhere (I’ve forgotten where) and Lu asked (very seriously) from the backseat, “mama, will it be a mad house today?”
  3. On a walk, I had accumulated the leash, the helmet, a bag, and the strider bike. Lu reached to grab the leash from me, and I sort of just thoughtlessly shook my head no.  She frowned and said, “you’re carrying too many things!  Let me help!”
  4. This past weekend, I was making breakfast, and Lu saw me working in the kitchen. She dragged in a chair and said, “I’m ready to help you, mama.  I’m a really good helper.”
  5. The other night, Lu cried out from a nightmare, and Joshua and I went to help her settle back onto her pillow. As she flopped onto the bed, she said (half asleep) “I’m so fast!”

Other common sayings from Lu:

  1. “Well! She likes it!”  (Whenever I admonish her to be more gentle or stop doing something to Luna.)
  2. “Where’s Lily?” (Whenever she is out of sight.  This little girl loves her big sister.)
  3. “When are we going to see Bierstadt and Ellison?” (She loves her little friends.)
  4. “What are we going to do today?” (During any lull, even if it’s just before bedtime.)
  5. “I’m not sad.” (When she sees her big sister having some big emotions.)
  6. “Snuggle me! No!  Squeeze me harder!”  (At night.)

Lu, those are the tiniest snapshot.  I have this feeling probably every day when I see you do something silly or thoughtful or say something hilarious that I want to write it down and capture the moment.  I want to be able to come back and look at you, indignant, trying to make your sisters laugh, looking to help without having been asked, just being this sweet, wonderful, confident little three year old.

Not a day goes by when I don’t look into your little face or hold your little body and just want to breathe you in.  You are so good.  I’m in awe of you, and not only do I love you, but I like you.  So much.

I want to start doing little interviews to write down here, but for now, I’ll just write a list of things you love:

  1. Biking on your strider bike. You’ve gotten so good at it in such a short time!  In April, you were just so hesitant starting out, and now you’re speedy!  Joshua takes you to the park, and you climb to the top of the hills and then bomb them going down.  For some reason, I can totally see you as a mountain biking babe J
  2. Playing with your big sister. When the two of you are playing well, it’s gold.  Often, it’s babies, but sometimes it’s doctor or just drawing or swinging on the swings and trying to make her laugh.
  3. Seeing your grandparents. All of them.  No matter which one I tell you were about to see, you get so excited.
  4. You love going to the Children’s Museum and the Zoo.
  5. Playgrounds!
  6. Apples, crackers, cheese, olives, pickles, bananas, lara bars, bread, and most of all, OATMEAL (your most loved and oft requested meal).
  7. You’ve decided your “song” is anything by Jack Johnson. “Play my song, mama!”
  8. You still love to hold my hand (I hope you always do!).

I’m sure I’m missing plenty, but this is my snapshot of you at age three.

I love you, my little Lu!

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One thought on “Lu, Age 3

  1. She really was the most gentle soul I’ve ever met in such a wee lass, I can see why you’re so smitten!

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