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Two Months in a Nutshell

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It’s been ages since I’ve seized a moment to sit down and write.  In fact, I believe it was our last day in Samara.

Well, as I’m sure you surmised, we arrived safely back in Denver.  We drove back to San Jose and settled into one of the only hotels that wasn’t booked for the night because our timing coincided with a major soccer game at the stadium in San Jose.  We spent a pleasant evening eating out for the last time, shopping for some last minute souvenirs and gifts, and Joshua watched the soccer game on TV while I took the girls for a chilly swim in the pool.

The flight back was less eventful than our flight out, and we stayed in our house for four nights before packing up and cleaning up again.  And our house has been on AirBnB ever since!  For our first adventure, we headed down with our pop up to Salida to visit my mom and retrieve Oscar.  She and Dan really live in such a beautiful part of Colorado, and it’s nice to have a little home away from home to appreciate the mountains and canyons.

We headed back to Denver to celebrate Lu’s birthday and stayed at the Ps for a few nights and then migrated to Bob and Sandy’s for another week or so.  Though we had planned to do more camping, we got slammed with a nasty cold and hunkered down to recover.

On July 12, we celebrated Stacy’s birthday and then headed back to Salida for a night.  From there, we wandered up to Leadville where we camped on Turquoise Lake for a few nights before our final leg of the journey up to State Forest State Park for Joshua’s fourth Never Summer 100 k.

With another finish and a PR in the bag, we headed back down the Poudre River Valley and into Denver where we once again set up shop in Bob and Sandy’s home.

Wait!  Hold on!  AirBnB?  Bob and Sandy?  What’s this?  Yes, folks.  We decided to put our sweet little home up on AirBnB for the rest of the summer, and we were able to do that because Stacy’s parents generously offered to let us “house sit” (squat?) in their home while they’re out of town.  It’s been both a Boone and a challenge living in limbo, but we’re happy to say that we’ll be moving back to our little home at the end of September, and life will become a little bit more normal.

After we got back from Never Summer, my dad and Mandy, as well as my uncle and his fiancé from England came into town for a long weekend, and we got to show them around our neck of the woods.  Joshua started work, and just two short weeks later, the three girls and I took the train to the airport and a flight to Minnesota!  Yup!  Flying solo with three kids.  I feel it deserves a bit of awe, and yet it wasn’t that bad.  There was one woman who really detested children on our first flight, but really, the kids were wonderful.

I had geared myself up for some solo endurance parenting while in Minnesota, and though I was a bit weary by the sixth day, the week went really well.  Between the doting attentions of Boobah and Zeydah, Uncle Eamon and Auntie Hannah, my dear friends, and Papa and Granny, they got plenty of extra attention, and I was even able to sneak out of some super speedy runs!  I was inspired by my brother who is trying to walk onto the DePaul XC team, and I even did a 6.5 miler at 7:47 pace!

It was so lovely to spend time with family.  I had a bit of a bucket list, and I think I did it all:  paddle in a canoe, swim in a lake with my babies, make a wish in the fountain at the conservatory, walk through the woods, drink a glass of wine with my sister, get my brother to hold a baby (actually that might not have happened), visit the Devanes, see Ashlee, meet up with my social media kindred spirit Emma, and just spend time with my dad and Mandy.  It really was a good trip.  We ended on a positive note too.  The last night we headed up to Turtle Lake and took the canoe out.  Hannah and I paddled for a bit with Lu between us, and we even saw a Loon.  The sun set and gave us a good show.  I did a headstand for posterity.

We flew back and Joshua picked us up at Union Station.  When we got home, there was quite the surprise waiting for us!  A Vanagon!  Oh my!  I’m 99 percent thrilled and about 70 percent terrified by the leap.  I’m sure you’ll hear more as we assess the work that needs to be done and figure out how to drive the damn thing 😉

And then!  The very next morning Lily began her first day of kindergarten!  I mean.  We don’t do things half way, do we?!  Hit the ground running, as they say!

So that’s the past two months in a nutshell, and I’m hoping I’ll be back with a much belated post for Lu’s birthday and then a little update on each of the girls.  Cheers!

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One thought on “Two Months in a Nutshell

  1. Man oh man you have been busy. Hope Lily has been enjoying Kindergarten and the girls have been good with the nomadic lifestyle, even if they had to endure a whole week in Minnesota, where there is so much trash. 😂

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