Feathered Aspen

Our Family

Here’s the four (almost five) of us. I’ll need to get a picture including Luna soon!

Hello!  This is Ellie writing, and that’s my little family in the photo above.  Joshua and I met on the school bus back in 2000 when we were freshmen, but it wasn’t until I got up the gumption to ask him to a dance our senior year that we actually started dating.  Together, we attended the University of Puget Sound, and then we drove down to New Orleans to teach for two years with Teach For America.

Those were some hard years, but in 2009, we got married, and in 2010, we took a break from teaching and traveled the world.  I wrote the entire time, and you can read all about our time in England, Ireland, Spain, Scotland, Turkey, India, and Nepal on this blog, too.  In 2011, we moved to Colorado for teaching jobs and unpacked our bags for a while, buying a little home on the outskirts of Denver.  In 2012, we welcomed Lily into the world, and we’ve been enjoying her vivacious company ever since.

In 2014, we were blessed with another daughter, Lu. And then in January of 2017, we had a third daughter, Luna.  For now, I’m taking a little break from teaching and staying home with the girls during the day while I attend classes at night.  Joshua is still teaching, and we’re loving life in our little community in Edgewater.

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