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Lily, 5 and a half

I’ve sat down a couple of times to write a little update on Lily.  In the past, I’ve been pretty honest about each new milestone, our setbacks, and emerging facets of personality.  It’s hard to put my finger on, but for some reason, writing these down for Lily has suddenly started to feel too personal and a little bit like a breach of confidence and trust.  When I ask myself why I’m still comfortable writing about Lu and Luna or why I used to be more comfortable writing about Lily, I think some of it has to do with age and some of it has to do with a certain commonality of experience in our first few years of life.  But there’s more, and I’m going with my gut here.  I’m sad to let go of this reliable method of archiving my thoughts, but I’m hopeful that I can find a more personal way to record some of these progressions for Lily to look at in the future.  I’m also thinking that a quick interview like the one that follows might be a way to protect Lily’s privacy but also share a little bit of her light with our family and friends flung far and wide that I don’t often get a chance to connect with individually.

1 If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

To fly, cuz I could just see the whole world if I flied.

2 What are two things about you that you’re really proud of?

(This one was hard.) That I’m a big sister, and oh! I have another one!  How brave I am.  In Costa Rica, I ziplined.

3 What’s something really funny you’ve seen?

I saw something today.  On the way to school, I saw a kid and a mommy and they were flipping onto a bench.  (For the record, I did not see this ;))

4 What’s something you wish for?

I wish for the tooth fairy to come right now.

5 What is a good memory you have?

I think you know this remember.  When I was born. Do you remember that?  No.  Oh I know!  When Freyja was born and I got to hold her and we read stories together.

6 What’s something you’d like to get better at?

Swim.  You knew I would say that, mom.

7 What’s something really amazing you’ve learned recently?

That’s hard!  Well, I actually learned this a long time ago and I never told you.  It’s a song and it says, “Cinderella dressed in yellow how many roses can you grow?  123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25.”