Feathered Aspen


A History of My Athletic Endeavors

Have you read Born to Run? I’m joking.  Actually, I’m not…  If you haven’t read it, you really should.  Its become my new bible.

Running has always been a struggle for me.  In the past year however, my attitude toward running has profoundly changed.  Running, hiking and adventuring are a significant part of who I am and how Ellie and I have built our marriage.  I’m writing this introduction after I have written the post itself.  In thinking about this post, I ‘ve been struck by just how important and crucial athletic endeavors are to Ellie and I.  Well, just read and see why.

When Ellie and I started dating our senior year in high school I started running.  Ellie was (and still is) an athletic all-star.  A three season athlete who ran cross-country, skied cross-country, and ran track, Ellie went to state competitions several times, won all conference, and earned so many letters on her letter jacket they wrapped around her sleeve. She was also voted captain of all three sports.  When we started dating I was intimidated.  I had played JV football and lacrosse.  By senior year I’d quit both teams, fed up with the boneheads with whom I played.  Instead, I went searching for the meaning of life in Plato.  But now, here was this gorgeous girl, this athletic phenom who wanted to date me.  When Ellie’s mom Eunice found out about me she asked Ellie, “oh, what sports team did you meet him on?”  All of Ellie’s prior love affairs were also athletes.  I, however, was a lost, some what EMO kid who liked to talk about philosophy.  “Shit,”  I thought everyday for the first couple of weeks of our relationship, there’s no way she’s going to stay interested in me if I don’t start doing some exercise.

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