Feathered Aspen


Before and After

Here’s a shot with all the crap that was inside the craft closet before I got started.

Our bookshelf disaster.

Side-board sans skirt, plus crap underneath.

Empty craft closet.

Linen closet disaster. Even though our house is usually clean, this place always made me feel like there was a boogy man in the hallway.

Hallway linen closet – no longer a disaster. Joshua had left a nalgene with one of his nasty shakes in there for so long that it literally exploded all over the back. I made Joshua scrub out the mold before I set to work 🙂

I love this room. Green curtains, finished side-board (painted pink in NOLA, then blue at Osceola, and now white). Dining room table with sweet table cloth and runner. Covered the chairs in fun orange and striped fabric. Light fixture from Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Obviously, still a work in progress, but a lot less cluttered 🙂

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‘Before’ photos of our bedroom. This one looks into the hallway to the other bedroom and bathroom, as well as the dining room and front living room.

The duvet cover was a gift from mom 🙂 We painted the walls ‘Banana Split’ yellow, paint we had left-over from the farm. The mini-curtain is yellow polka-dots, and the oval flower prints on either side of the window are thrift-store finds.

The door to my closet (which is organized with bins, shelves, and hanging shelves to maximize every square inch of space 🙂 ). Our wedding-collage-window, a vintage hat, and a shadow box where I’ve stored bits and pieces from our wedding day.

Using the peony stencil that I purchased from esty.com, I stenciled white peonies on one wall. It was far easier than the walls I did at the farm, because I used only one color (and there is only one wall, as opposed to four :)). Vintage jewelry boxes, and my chain with hanging scarves.