Feathered Aspen

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Best of/Highlights/Lessons

Best Taco – Tacos de Pescado (y Cilantro) – Aguachiles, Playa del Carmen

Best Drink – Mojito – El Mariachi Loco, Tulum

Best City – Tulum

Best Beach – Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Best Restaurant – Mango Cafe, Isla Mujeres (with Qubano a close second, also on Isla)

Best Meals – BBQ Empanadas (Mango Cafe, IM), Sopa de Lima (Checandole, Cancun), Coffee (100% Natural, Cancun), Quesadilla (Mando Cafe, IM), Tacos (Aguachiles, Playa), the Elena y Tostones (Qubano, IM)

Best Swimming – Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, and Gran Cenote

Best AirBnB – too hard!  But probably Gladys’ studio on Isla.


  1. Ferry Ride to Isla (this is Lily’s favorite, too)
  2. Cenote Azul
  3. Snorkeling on Isla
  4. Evening Beach Combing on Isla
  5. Yoga in the Jungle
  6. Playa X’pu ha – jumping in the waves, eating tacos under a palapa
  7. Riding the collectivos
  8. First night in Isla, walking to Punta Sur, walking the path along the ocean, and meeting Goddess Ixchel
  9. Xel ha!  So fun 🙂  Especially the lazy river through the mangroves.
  10. Shopping in Tulum
  11. Biking in Tulum
  12. Gran Cenote – the birds, the turtles, the cold water
  13. Golf Cart rides on Isla
  14. Hammock hangs in the Jungle
  15. Chatting with our airBnB hosts
  16. Playa Norte – swimming, sand castle building
  17. Laguna Yal ku
  18. Seeing sea turtles in Akumal
  19. Fruterias with cheap, gorgeous produce
  20. Limes and Tacos
  22. Pool days in Playa
  23. First night in Cancun – swimming, eating

Lessons Learned Traveling with Kids

  1. Slow Down – walk less, play more.
  2. Use Public Transportation/Taxis – Joshua and I love to hoof it, but using public transportation and taxis are also a pretty authentic traveling experience for the kiddos and cuts down on transition time, exhaustion, and overwhelming heat.
  3. NAP.  Make time for a nap.  Even when it’s hard.  The down time is good for everyone.
  4. Empathize.  Traveling can be hard.  It can be uncomfortable.  The more I acknowledged this, the more sympathy I had.
  5. Make compromises.  Fulfill whims/wishes.  Pool? Check. Ice cream? Check. Juice? Check. Xel ha? Yeah, baby. Boat ride? Let’s do it. Spend more money to do things that the kids will enjoy.
  6. Read a parenting book.  I don’t care what it is, new strategies and perspectives always get me into a better frame of mind.
  7. Remember to be thankful and tell the kids.
  8. Which reminds me of highlight number 24.  On our last night in Isla, our last night in Mexico, we walked down to the water just before bed.  We stood where the waves would wash in over our feet, and we took turns thanking the water, the seashells, the flowers, the cenotes, the birds, the cooks, the taxi drivers, Leon, Florencia, Gladys, Gunther, the air conditioning, the bug juice…  We just tried to think up everything that we were thankful for, and Lily got into it to, thanking the iguanas and the fishies and the waves.  It was a good moment.  We could see a cruise ship in the distance, lit up.  The moon.

And that’s a wrap.  That’s our trip to Mexico.  Joshua has a few videos coming and I have one more post of photos, but there you have it.  Not sure I’d do the same trip again, but I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do it, to do it with my family, and to experience it all.  Until next time.  xoxo


Banana Cake Cockaigne with Almond Frosting

A few weeks ago my lovely wife wrote a lovely post titled Food to Die For (and other gastrointestinal misadventures…)This post got me thinking that we need to add a category to our blog.  We need a food/ cookery category.  A place where we can share the our thoughts, recipes, and beliefs about what and how we eat.

Food is huge part of our lives.  It is a central tenent to our home. We love to eat, and we love to share our food with other people. Beyond that, we believe in eating with consciousness.   Continue reading