Feathered Aspen


After 1

This is our bedroom.  It’s a navy color with lots of white accents and a little gold.  The behemoth wardrobes resolve some closet/thrifting/clothes horse issues I have.



Gorgeous chandelier I ordered off of eBay.


There’s the munchkin and behind her, the bassinet for the babe.



There’s my pretty birch stencil, a changing table, and the diaper pail I always promised myself in Lily and Lu’s room…



Claiming technological ignorance isn’t my favorite mode, but for some reason, my wordpress app keeps closing on my phone, and I’m forced to post images piecemeal…  Hence five posts with five pictures each.


So the porch is a work in progress, but this is where we are after a little bit of work.  The railing will go, the posts need reinforcements and work, the paint will change…  But at least for now it’s a place I want to be, with chairs and a little outdoor rug.  I spray painted the folding chairs ala Pinterest.  I will say that almost everyone told me not to, that it wouldn’t work, etc., but I’m glad that I ignored their naysaying.  I’m lovin’ the pretty blue.  I recovered the rocker cushion with fabric from the thrift, and I also spray painted the body.  It’s not the prettiest paint job, given the super dry wood that fairly sucked up the four cans of antique white I sprayed, but I like it 🙂


There’s much to be said about this kitchen.  So much work went into it, from assembling the cabinets, to leveling them, to putting the faces on, to the pulls, the countertops, the farmhouse sink, the electrical, gas, plumbing, the corrugated steel, the hood, the appliances, the island, the floors…  Oh god.  It was a lot, and it is a big part of the reason that I did not see my husband for the past two months.  It is, however, beautiful.  A masterpiece, if you will.



I love the tangerine industrial barstools I ordered off of Amazon.


Our enormous island is our eating space.