Feathered Aspen

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Odds and Ends

The photo below is of the bathroom skylight.

Before and after photo of entry way – we haven’t done anything with it 🙂

‘Before’ photo of laundry room.

‘Before’ photos of bathroom. Love the claw-foot tub 🙂

‘After’ photo of mudroom.

‘After’ photo of bathroom.

Hallway outside of bathroom and two bedrooms. Family photos 🙂

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‘Before’ photos of our bedroom. This one looks into the hallway to the other bedroom and bathroom, as well as the dining room and front living room.

The duvet cover was a gift from mom 🙂 We painted the walls ‘Banana Split’ yellow, paint we had left-over from the farm. The mini-curtain is yellow polka-dots, and the oval flower prints on either side of the window are thrift-store finds.

The door to my closet (which is organized with bins, shelves, and hanging shelves to maximize every square inch of space 🙂 ). Our wedding-collage-window, a vintage hat, and a shadow box where I’ve stored bits and pieces from our wedding day.

Using the peony stencil that I purchased from esty.com, I stenciled white peonies on one wall. It was far easier than the walls I did at the farm, because I used only one color (and there is only one wall, as opposed to four :)). Vintage jewelry boxes, and my chain with hanging scarves.

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TV Room/ Joshua’s Office/ Oscar’s Room/ Guest Bedroom

Below are ‘before’ photos of our second bedroom. On our first day here, Oscar quickly claimed this as his private domain. He likes carpet and a good view of the street 🙂

Not the most attractive wall in the house, but still, the mounted TV is worth noting, and quite possibly, Joshua’s favorite feature 🙂 Photos of the wedding to the side.

Our reclining love seat was a big hit with Eric and Sujatha’s little ones 🙂 Up above our ‘spooky’ photos and some encaustics that I’ve made. We painted the wall a pale lime green that we mixed from second-hand paint that we got from the Habitat for Humanity Restore (a small can of bright green and a large can of white).

Joshua’s dresser (our room and closet is too small, so this room is Joshua’s spill-over) with one of my favorite lamps and mirrors.

Half-image of Joshua’s office which sit in a little alcove with a large window.

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‘Before’ photos of our kitchen.

View of kitchen from hallway that feeds into our dining room. Window pane collage on the right, a salvaged piece of vintage metal cabinetry from Joshua’s grandparents. We painted the walls with an orange paint we found in Eric and Sujatha’s basement 🙂

I decorated the upper cabinets with maps and decorative blue paper. On the counter is my first (failed) attempt at home-made granola. Unfortunately, I let it cook about 10 minutes too long 😦

My lovely Finland poster in its repurposed window frame 🙂 Shelves with tins I’ve collected over the years from thrift stores.

A view into our mudroom (which is a highly functional but ugly place, and therefore, you shall see no further photos. Above, Joshua’s tour-de-force: we replaced the ugly flourescent light fixture with a cloth-wire, vintage find from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. When Joshua called his dad for advice on how to install, Tim said, “and if you make a mistake, don’t worry. It won’t kill you; it will just hurt like hell.”

I am happy to report that Joshua is neither dead nor hurt 🙂


Dining Room

The images below are of our dining room. Somehow, I figured out how to post the ‘before’ photos first 🙂

Two lovely south-facing windows. Also facing our neighbors’ soon-to-be addition.

View of dining room from front living room. Oscar looks proprietary already 🙂

Built-in stocked with my sewing stuff on bottom, our Society Eggplant Sango collection in the middle, and my retro kitchen finds from thrift stores on top.

I can’t decide which is my favorite feature in this room: Joshua recovered antique chairs with traffic-cone orange fabric that once provided the material for a dress I had never worn. We stripped, stained, and poly-acrylic-ed this wobbly table, and then Joshua reinforced it with a serious number of L-brackets. The tablecloths are another thrift store find, and yes, the one on bottom is hot orange-pink. Just behind the table sits our repainted desk with my favorite lamp of all time, and above, we’ve hung the gorgeous embroidered pashmina which was purchased in Leh, Ladakh, but made in Kashmir. Short, lace curtains on windows from thrift store.

Our black-and-white photo collection with my favorite Wyeth print, a picture of a toddling Mandy (from when I scoured old photo with Grandma Vivienne, and an image of the ship that Joshua’s Papa BJ sailed on when he was in the navy.

The dresser is a cheapy thrift-store find which I repainted and now houses all of my crafty things, and above, our prized Grandfather clock from Joshua’s grandparents.

Bookcase as art 🙂 We salvaged these ratty bookcases and painted them blue to match our accent wall. (We purchased the paint second-hand from the Habitat for Humanity Restore – 4 bucks!)

View of it all from the kitchen hall.

View of it all from the front living room. Oscar’s second favorite spot in the house 🙂

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Front Living Room

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see our ‘before’ photo. These images are of our front living room which looks out onto Osceola. The fireplace, of course, steals the show.

The rocker above came from Joshua’s grandparents. We wrapped it in tapestries we bought in Peru. The curtains are made from sari fabric that I purchased in Nepal. The mirror is from New Orleans.

This is a heavily weeded cross-section of the books we once owned. If you’re wondering what remained, I’ll admit that Stephanie Meyer makes an appearance, as does Charlaine Harris. In less humbling news, Alice Sebold, Dorothy Allison, and Barbara Kingsolver are always welcome on our shelves. Joshua’s books are primarily about race, the 60s, and free lovin’.

I painted the top of the little blond nightstand to compliment our ‘Gumball Red’ wall. The mission lamp is a gift from our wedding (thanks JJ!), and the throw is made of yak wool from Nepal.

Joshua is master when it comes to the nail and hammer: he calls this his ‘High Fantasy with a nod to South America and its Papist Residents wall.’ The tapestry was a gift from Joshua from Cuzco. The empty frames are waiting for matted photos 🙂

Our large window and lovely wood-inlay coffee table.

For the record, it would take about five coats of ‘Gumball Red’ to cover this wall without any streaking coming through; we used three. Pretty poster-print from British National Art Museum. Little piggies from Ecuador. Hurricane lamp from the A family coal and ice business.

‘Before’ photo. Can of paint unopened 🙂