Feathered Aspen


Summer in Utah Act 3: Bryce 100 DNF

(Viewer discretion is advised. As Lily would say, “Daddy-O said a bad word.”  Actually, I said many of them…  Perhaps view this video not in the company of little ones.)

Last year I completed my first hundred mile race.  It was a fun and challenging experience.  I did really well.  I tanked for a bit.  I walked a lot, but I still managed to finish under 30 hours.

We (I) chose Utah for our summer vacation so that I could run the Bryce 100 and give another 100 miler a go.  I went into the race with high hopes.  The previous three races I’d run this winter and spring had gone really well, and I’d set PRs at all of them.  So, I went into the Bryce 100 hoping for another great day.

I also went into Bryce thinking that I’d make a Mark Watney style mock-umentary of my experience.  After my 100 mile last year I had just two pictures of me on the course.  I felt that such an experience should have better documentation.  So, I set out with my camera hoping to catch something entertaining on film.

It is with great trepidation, humility and embarrassment that I post this video.  My high hopes for the race were dashed when I succumbed to the heat and ended up dropping out of the race.  I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t finish, but I’ve learned a few lessons about myself from the experience.  I also had fun making the video.

I’d say more, but hey just watch (without small children).

And thank you K for that sensual sunscreen application.


Summer in Utah Act 1: Capitol Reef

At the beginning of the month, I wrapped up the school year and officially started my summer break. (Woo hoo!  Year seven in the bag.)

After a few days at home, we packed up the truck and camper and headed out to Utah.  I planned to run the Bryce 100 on June 17 (more on how that turned out later).

In typical Feathered Aspen style, I filmed our getaway and am making shorts to share.  Here is the first of what will likely be three acts.  I’ll try my damnedest to post one each day for the next few days.  Enjoy Act 1: Capitol Reef.